Unarmed security guards often work for private companies that provide security services on a contract basis. Unarmed guards are also hired by larger organizations or institutions to protect their property and assets, typically in the form of warehouses, factories, construction sites, parking lots, and retail stores. Unarmed security guards patrol their assigned area while watching for suspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary. Unarmed security officers do not carry weapons but can use personal protective equipment such as batons or pepper spray when necessary to restrain an individual who is creating havoc. Learn information about Fort Worth, TX.  

Unarmed guards also have the ability to call for backup if needed. Unarmed security guards are often uninformed and wear a badge while on duty so that they can be easily identified by customers, visitors, or other individuals in their vicinity like on gated communities. Unarmed security officers typically patrol their assigned area alone but must remain alert at all times. Discover facts about The Safety and Peace of Mind offered by Unarmed Security Guards.

Unarmed guards are often required to have a high school diploma or GED. Unarmed security officers must go through training sessions in order to be able to complete their job duties properly and protect themselves, the property they are assigned to watch over, as well as any visitors that may come into contact with them. Unarmed security guards should also possess good communication skills because they will need to interact with people who visit clients’ premises for various reasons.