Ranger Guard is a private security guard company in Fort Worth, TX. We offer local Fort Worth and Fort Worth security guard services. All security officers, guards, and private bodyguards are highly trained and professional. As one of the most trusted security guard companies in Fort Worth, TX, we offer:


Fort Worth Armed Security Guards

There are many Advantages of Armed Security Guards that an unarmed security guard may not able to handle or have the capability it needs to control a situation. This is why many establishments, facilities, and companies seek to employ armed security guards.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Fort Worth

Mobile patrol in Fort Worth is one of the best ways to create such criminal deterrence. Several times throughout the night, officers in a marked security car will stop by your property. Mobile Patrol Security is Essential to Businesses to maximize protection while minimizing cost.

Fort Worth Texas Loss Prevention

Theft is a major challenge impeding the success of corporations in Fort Worth, Texas. Even in retail store environments, warehouses, or anywhere employees have access to merchandise and other valuables, theft can indirectly lead to huge financial losses for businesses every year. To fight this, companies turn to trained and experienced professionals to prepare an Effective Asset Protection Loss Prevention Program.

Fort Worth Workplace Security

Securing an office or work environment requires a Proper Workplace Security System with the help of professional security guards who are knowledgeable about the laws regarding the industry they’re working in. Regardless of when they come down, work issues can happen at any business at any time.

Unarmed Security Officers

Many people imagine security agents are usually carrying guns when they think of them. Unarmed security personnel may be the best choice in many security circumstances. An Unarmed Security Officer Provide Safety on Property and security in the vast majority of situations that call for private security guards. Unarmed officers are able to maintain high standards of safety in a variety of settings, from a residential institution like an apartment complex to a sporting event where crowd management is the top issue.

Special Events Security TX

Due to all the facets that might differ from one event to another, Effective Event Security Guards normally have an assortment of tasks they can handle. There will most certainly be bag searches at any entrance when organizing an event of any size, including a small gathering. Security guards also have the option to collaborate with K-9 units to set up crowd control or to search for contraband through pet odors.

Executive & Close Protection Service in Fort Worth

VIP’s need a Professional Executive Protection Service that has a specialized set of security abilities because the job requires working in a wide range of settings. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers training in a variety of security techniques to its executive protection officers. Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Criminal Law, and Firearms Training are a few of the most popular.


Building Security Fort Worth

Every company owner is concerned about trespassers breaking in and causing mayhem. Structures with specific security requirements include business buildings, hospitals, schools, and other structures. Businesses must use a Commercial Building Security Guard Service that has experience providing proper security services and is familiar with the unique requirements of a facility in order to stay safe. Rather than putting people and property at risk, use a dependable security service to assist with your building security.

Sporting Events Security Services Fort Worth

When thousands of people are congregating together, and a lot of them are drinking, as at most sports events, you need security. Emotions run high, and occasionally fights can break out between rival fans. Making safety a priority is key to ensuring fans, players and staff alike have the best experience during your sporting event. Professional Armed Event Security Guard at your sporting event is the best investment in safety and security for you and your fans you could make.

Fort Worth K-9 Dog Protection Service

Security is one of the most important considerations in many industries. Whether at a large manufacturing facility, hospital, office building complex, or apartment building, creating systems to keep inhabitants safe is critical for all settings. Humans can often accomplish security tasks, but a K-9 Security Increase Safety on Properties for a given circumstance. At Ranger Guard we are thrilled to bring the K9 guard expertise to Fort Worth, placing it at our disposal for local security personnel.



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Professional Standards: All staff are required to uphold our exacting professional standards of attire, courtesy, customer service and personal hygiene. Their hard work, extensive experience, and faith turned a dream into reality. Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Texas and the Southwest. Founder David Catran is a former secret service agent and foreign ministry vice consul of security. He took his professional experience in the field to develop a security model that works to protect businesses and individuals in all environments and settings. We prioritize hiring military and law enforcement veterans with active combat experience. We know there is no substitute for time spent in the field when it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency.

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Ranger Guard of Fort Worth Texas



About Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is a city in North Central Texas. In the late 19th century, it became an important trading post for cowboys at the end of the Chisholm Trail. Today, it’s a modern city, with international art institutions like Kimbell Art Museum. The Fort Worth Stockyards are home to rodeos, and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame honors pioneers from the mid-20th century.
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FAQ About Fort Worth

Is Fort Worth Texas a good place to live?

Fort Worth has many great opportunities and family-friendly neighborhoods, providing the best pros of living. Abundant job opportunities, affordable housing, and excellent cultural diversity are a few of the reasons people are flocking to Fort Worth in droves.


What is Texas Fort Worth known for?

Fort Worth is likely the most Texan of all Texas cities due to its location near a frontier settlement. Fort Worth, now a metropolitan city of roughly 950,000, has changed a great deal since its Old West beginnings.


Does Fort Worth Texas get snow?

Fort Worth gets the most snow in Texas because of its mountain elevation and proximity to the North Pole. It may have up to 7 inches of snow annually, but sometimes begets no snow at all. Dallas has 1.5 inches of snow per square kilometre annually, placing second.


What is the coldest month in Fort Worth?

In January, the average night time temperature in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is 34.0 degrees Fahrenheit. In July, the hottest month, the warmest daytime temperature is 95.4 degrees Fahrenheit.


What is the richest town in Fort Worth?

As its own city, Westover Hills is one of the wealthiest towns in Texas. The population is only about 700 people, but the houses are huge. Properties offer elevated landscapes that have views from the east and west.

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