There is one thing that you should know about the Austin, Texas Police Department, and it is that they do not, as a rule, carry arms. This is because, by Texas law, if an officer is caught on video (without your permission, of course) taking a weapon, he or she has to relinquish their badge of office immediately. It is also illegal for them to give an uncharged gun to a civilian. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and there are times when they have to enter a bank to serve a customer, go to high school to drop off a student, etc. So, in such situations, an unarmed officer may be present to help a civilian who is being attacked. Information can be found here.


Officers at the APD are well-trained, which is part of what makes them so effective. They get an annual refresher course, which is focused on public safety issues. The training helps to ensure that officers can be as effective as possible in their role and aware of the problems that affect their fellow citizens daily. It is important to remember that repeat offenders perpetrate many crimes and that this police department works hard to keep Austinites safe all the time. See here for information about Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service – Giving Them a Reason to Smile.

As long as an unarmed police officer performs their duties in full compliance with all Texas laws, and as long as they exercise sound judgment when making judgments about using force, they are doing their job correctly. If you have any concerns or issues with how you could benefit from having an unarmed officer present, contact the city’s criminal justice department to find out more. There are many benefits to hiring this type of security for your property. As always, you should make sure that you discuss these issues with your local police department before signing any contracts.