The Austin, Texas area has several companies that offer guards to several different businesses. One of these is the Armed Guards Services. These guards protect businesses, government agencies, and residents in Austin. It is a non-profit service division of the Department of Defense. Individuals interested in becoming guards can do so through the military. If one passes a polygraph test then can become an armed guards service in the state of Texas. Find more information here.


These guards are professionals who have been trained to be watchful and discreet. There are special units for individuals who have gone on duty and also special units for family members. One can choose which type of unit will be most suited to their security needs. A guard’s service can offer security for high-profile clients, corporate events, and large group visits. The guards can also assist with any security-related request that requires an on-site representative. See here for information about Why Consider The Austin, TX Armed Guards Service for Your Safety.

Training for guards is given by some of the best security schools in the country. The curriculum teaches the guards how to spot a terrorist or criminal, how to restrain that person, and also how to use weapons safely and justifiably. The training includes both classroom instruction and field instruction. It takes years for someone to be certified in this profession, though it does not take that long for someone to get licensed. Armed Guards Services in Austin, Texas is a great company to work for if you want to be protected and secure at all times.