Security Guard in Texas


Whether in a big city or a small rural town, security is an issue on everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, violent acts now seem to occur on a regular basis at local churches, festivals, offices, and numerous other places. Because of this, more and more businesses and organizations have made the decision to utilize the services of private security agencies. Providing a variety of services, these agencies are playing a much more visible role in today’s world. Since police and other first responders cannot possibly be everywhere at once, private security officers have much greater responsibilities in keeping properties and people safe from those determined to inflict harm. If your business or organization is in need of protection, here are some reasons a security guard from Ranger Guard and Investigations can be a smart investment.

Current Training

To ensure the security guard who will be assigned to your property or event is able to handle numerous situations, Ranger provides them with current training in many of today’s crucial areas. One of these is Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which gives a guard the training needed to spot potential terrorist threats and take the steps necessary to keep others safe. Along with this training, guards are also trained in areas specific to their assignments. Some common training areas include First Aid/CPR, Patrol Techniques, K-9 Security, Emergency Communications and Coordination, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, Crowd Control, Evacuation Procedures, and other key areas. Thus, when clients hire a guard security will be greatly enhanced, since any officer on duty will have these and other skills needed to handle an emergency.

Security On Demand

In some cases, clients will not know where or when security services will be needed. But rather than be caught in a situation where they may not have the security needed to handle a violent situation or other emergency, they can use the security guard app offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations to summon help immediately. Known as Security On Demand, the app can be downloaded to a client’s smartphone or tablet. Once done, they can then use the app to summon help when and where they need it. Very affordable to clients who want to pay for security services only when they are needed, the app has other advantages. One of the most important is the ability to display real-time data, allowing clients to track the location and activities of the responding officer. And best of all, once the call is completed, the app will generate a report and invoice, which can be accessed in the client portal.

Various Services

Since security officers may encounter so many different situations on an assignment, it’s crucial they have the experience and knowledge needed to keep clients and others safe. Therefore, when choosing a private security company, clients should verify the company offers the services needed for a particular assignment. With Ranger Guard and Investigations, a variety of services are offered to meet the needs of clients. For example, with clients who are having problems with customer or employee theft, officers can be provided who are trained in state-of-the-art loss prevention techniques. And for those clients who need VIP security, guards can be provided who are trained in firearms and close protection techniques, and who also possess prior experience in law enforcement and military combat operations.

The Best Security Guards

Since there is nothing more important on any assignment than keeping people safe, clients want to have the best possible security guards on duty at all times. To make this happen, Ranger hires only the best applicants for security guard positions. Whether they come from a background in law enforcement, military combat operations, government intelligence, or other related areas, Ranger guards have demonstrated time and time again the ability to handle dangerous situations with the good judgement and professionalism needed to keep people and property safe. By actively recruiting applicants with these backgrounds, along with using the latest industry aptitude tests, drug tests, and background checks, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure all guards who begin an assignment are prepared in every possible way for anything or anyone they may encounter on the job.

Get Answers to Your Questions

With violent acts occurring everywhere, now is not the time to take security for granted. Rather, it is the time to get answers to your most important questions regarding the security of your business, facility, or event. To learn more about United Guard Security and all its features, visit or phone 713-357-8225 today for a consultation.