There are many different types of security guards in San Antonio, TX. Unarmed security guards provide various services, including attending to the property and monitoring the grounds. Unarmed security guards may also be tasked with interacting with customers who come onto the premises of an establishment. Unarmed security guards are typically less expensive than armed officers, patrol malls, or large business establishments. Learn more here.

An unarmed security guard in San Antonio, TX, is employed by a security company to provide security services for clients. They typically perform duties such as monitoring cameras, patrolling property, and interacting with customers or employees. Unarmed security guards are not allowed to carry firearms or any other type of weapon while on duty. Unarmed security guards must be licensed by Texas and complete a training program that includes classroom instruction and practical exercises. Learn more about San Antonio, TX: Some Common Misconceptions About Armed vs. Unarmed Guards.

In San Antonio, TX, unarmed security guards may provide personal protection at large venues like concerts and sporting events. Unarmed security guards are often employed by shopping malls or schools for this reason. Unarmed security guards must be trained on Texas laws that apply to their profession. Unarmed security guard training includes learning about civil disobedience and criminal law to understand when necessary to break up a fight between two people versus one person defending themselves against an attacker. 

If you’re looking for an unarmed security guard in San Antonio, TX, contact Allied Universal today. We offer comprehensive training and licensing programs that meet all state requirements. Our experienced staff will help you find the right solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!