Armed security guards have become a highly sought-after commodity over the past few years. Unarmed security, however, is still just as important and relevant in today’s market. Many misconceptions surround unarmed vs. armed San Antonio guards that may lead to an applicant making less than ideal choices when looking for work. Unarmed guard jobs should be given serious consideration by all applicants who want to make sure they take advantage of every opportunity available to them right now. More can be found here.

The most significant misconception people seem to hold about unarmed guards has everything to do with their safety and protection capabilities compared to those outfitted with weapon systems such as firearms or batons—but this is far from the truth. Unarmed security guards in San Antonio are often better trained and more aware of their surroundings than those who carry firearms; as a result, they can defuse potentially dangerous situations with little to no bloodshed. They’re Only for Show Another fallacy that surrounds unarmed security guards is the belief that these professionals are only meant to provide an appearance of safety or authority and are not there to do any real work. Nothing could be further from the truth! Unarmed security guards in San Antonio play a significant role in maintaining order and protecting property—often doing so without any weapon at all. Learn more about San Antonio, TX: Tips for Finding the Right Candidate for Your Needs.