In the United States, there is a growing trend of security guards becoming unarmed. Unarmed guards can be easily overpowered by attackers and have little to no training in dealing with violence. Unarmed security officers are often more expensive than armed ones because they require more time off work for recertification and retraining. Unarmed security guards are also unable to protect other people in the event that an attack does occur on their watch. If you want your business or property protected 24/7, make sure that at least one guard on duty has been trained in firearms defense.  Learn information about Corpus Christi, TX.  

Security guards are an important part of any business. Unarmed security guards ensure that property is not damaged and the safety of employees and customers is ensured. Unarmed security officers have a lot on their plate, but they also have a responsibility to protect themselves from harm as well. For this reason, many businesses consider hiring armed security guards for additional protection. In this post, we will discuss why you should consider hiring armed security guards for your company’s needs. Discover facts about Unarmed Security Guards: How to Keep Your Family Safe.

Unarmed security guards are no match for an armed aggressor, which is why it’s important to hire them if they’re available in your area. For starters, this person cannot protect you from someone who has the intention of doing physical harm against you and others around you – but can only converse with that person until help arrives or holds him/her at bay to prevent any further violence. That being said, unarmed security guards should always be accompanied by another individual carrying either pepper spray or some form of weapon on their belt (e.g., baton). Unarmed security guards can also make use of video cameras and cellphones to call for help and take photographs of the perpetrator.

Many people are concerned about hiring unarmed security guards for their businesses or homes. Unarmed security guards offer a lot of benefits, including lower costs and ease to management. However, there is also the potential that an intruder might cause harm without being stopped. This article discusses how armed guards provide protection from those who may wish to do you harm in ways unarmed security can’t prevent.

Unarmed security guards aren’t as effective at providing safety as armed ones because they cannot stop someone with malicious intent on their own unless they have some kind of another weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun (and even then it depends). They need help from another person in order to subdue an intruder. Unarmed security guards do have some advantages, such as lower cost and low training requirements, but they might not be the best choice for a high-risk area like your home or business.

Where unarmed security is useful: Unarmed security can provide peace of mind in less risky areas that don’t need additional protection from someone with malicious intent (unless it’s something you’re willing to risk). They are cheaper than armed guards because they require much less training and there isn’t any necessary equipment like guns or gear. Unarmed security works well at places where people come into contact voluntarily rather than having to force them out, such as libraries or art galleries.