Do you know what it feels like to be an unarmed security guard? Unarmed guards are often placed in dangerous situations where they may be assaulted or killed. In this blog post, we will discuss the dangers of being an unarmed security guard and why many choose not to take on these jobs. Unarmed security guards face a higher risk of death at work than other occupations. Information can be found here.

The security industry is an interesting one. Unarmed guards are often tasked with protecting people and property from threats, yet they themselves are not allowed to carry a weapon for safety reasons. This has been the case for years now, but recently the issue of unarmed security guards dying at work has come to light again as gun violence in America reaches new heights. Unarmed security guards can’t confront active shooters or stop robberies without risking their own lives, so what’s left. See here for information about Unarmed Security Guards: Why You Should Consider Hiring Armed.

Ranger Guard and Investigations | Unarmed Security Guards: Why are They Dying at Work?

Unarmed security guards are dying at work. Unarmed security guard deaths have gone up by 350% since 2007 and they now represent the second-highest occupation in on-the-job fatalities, after fishermen.

There is no clear answer for why this trend has happened (or if it will continue), but there are some theories as to what might be going on:

Security guards not being properly trained or educated about how dangerous their jobs can be – Unarmed agents don’t receive any weapons training when hired, while armed agents must go through a rigorous background check, drug test and psychological exam before starting their job. Unsurprisingly, many unarmed officers rely heavily on others to protect those who do carry guns – and the other officers may not be available when they need them.

Unarmed security guards don’t have any personal protection. Unarmed agents are more likely to die in robberies, homicides and assaults than armed ones – their lack of a weapon making it harder for them to protect themselves from violence at work.

Unarmed security guards can’t do their jobs as effectively – Unarmed officers typically patrol public areas on foot while armed ones often drive around in vehicles or fly overhead with spotlights attached to helicopters. Without a gun, an unarmed officer must depend on physical strength and endurance instead which means that larger groups of people could start overpowering some unarmed officers who aren’t physically up for such an engagement., especially if those people have weapons of their own.

Unarmed security guards don’t get the same respect – Unarmed officers may not be taken as seriously by criminals who are robbing a store or committing other crimes, so they’re more likely to come up against violence in confrontations than armed ones.

In recent months, the number of unarmed security guards killed on the job is alarming. Unarmed security guards are in high-risk categories for death at work due to their occupation and vulnerability. In this article, we’ll explore why these deaths happen with increased frequency and what can be done about it.

The first thing that comes up when investigating rates of death among unarmored officers per 100k employees was a study by John Violanti who found out that there were 25% more accidental deaths due to exposure (i.e., not including suicides) than expected for police professions from 1979-2001 [2004]. This statistic alone should cause alarm bells to go off as an increase even a little over 20% may lead to an investigation if the number is high.