Unarmed officer services are available for hire in Houston, Texas. Many people believe that hiring such services means hiring someone who is prepared to take any necessary action to protect them. However, this is not always the case. In fact, there are various ways in which unarmed officers can assist in criminal situations in Texas. If you are ever approached by unarmed officers, it can be a great relief as deadly force will only be used if absolutely necessary. For more information on Houston, TX, click here.

In Houston, Texas, there are multiple options for utilizing the assistance of an unarmed security officer. You have the choice of hiring either an off-duty or on-duty unarmed officer, as well as various types of licensed security officers who possess training in unarmed tactics. Additionally, you can opt to hire a Texas peace officer or other forms of unarmed officers. By selecting these services, you can ensure your safety without resorting to deadly force. For further information on Unarmed Officer Services in Houston, Texas, click here.

Tasers are a popular choice for unarmed officers working night shifts as they offer a safe way to subdue attackers. The advantage of using a Taser is that it delivers only a small amount of electricity, making it non-lethal and less hazardous to the assailant. Additionally, if needed, you can request the services of an off-duty Houston security officer who can either physically restrain the person or use their Taser to subdue them at your residence.