The unarmed officers of Austin are responsible for keeping the peace in this Texas city. This is not an easy task, as unarmed officers often face many challenges. However, unarmed officers don’t need guns to keep people safe! They can use other methods like pepper spray or tasers to subdue unruly suspects who refuse to obey their commands. Learn more about what it takes to be an unarmed officer with our blog post today. Information can be found here.

In many cases, unarmed officers are the first to respond at crime scenes. Because of this, they must be ready for nearly any situation. An unarmed officer is typically a patrol cop who responds to calls around the city or town in which he works. In most places, it will take an armed response team from another location to arrive when shots have been fired, and help may be needed with suspects barricaded inside houses or buildings. See here for information about The Advantages of Hiring Unarmed Officers in Austin.

Unarmed officers generally do not make arrests; however, exceptions depend on state laws (e.g., New York City). The unarmed officer’s responsibilities include controlling foot traffic; crowd control during protests and demonstrations; providing assistance in emergencies where EMS personnel can’t enter certain areas because of danger (e.g., chemical spills, fire); and clearing crime scenes where there is no threat of crossfire or danger to unarmed civilians (e.g., suicide by gunshot).

Unarmed officers are also used during tactical situations involving special weapons teams; hostage rescue missions; high-risk warrant service in a house known for violence, drug dealing activity, and gang activity; riot control where violent individuals have been taken into custody but need further assistance from unarmed officers who can separate combatants without injury while the armed response team secures their firearms until they can be moved into prisoner transport vehicles.