The Ann W. Richards Congressional Avenue Bridge crosses the Lady Bird Lake off of Congress Avenue in Austin, TX. It was built by the Federal Government in 1963 to serve as a connection between the Austin International Airport and the downtown area. The original bridge was constructed with the intent of helping pedestrians to cross the busy highway on their way to Austin. When construction of the Longhorn dam was underway in 1960, however, the bridge first crossed the Colorado River where Lady Bird lake is located. After that, it was built to connect the Austin International Airport to downtown Austin. Information can be found here.

The Congressional Avenue Bridge connects the west end of IH-35 with the east end of MLK. This is a fairly quick trip from Austin’s downtown area to your home or office in the capital city. Unfortunately, the road is not always a smooth one, and it can take quite some time before you arrive. That is why you need to make sure that you drive with safety in mind. If you do happen to get hit by a car, you want to be sure that you do not get trapped under the car or on the street. You also do not want the traffic rushing past you to hit you as well. With this in mind, the Congressional Avenue Bridge was built so that you can safely cross Austin’s busy streets at high speeds.See here for information about A Look at the Boggy Creek Green Belt in Austin, Texas.

The Congressional Avenue Bridge serves as a link for many drivers who need to make a quick trip between Austin and the rest of Texas. As long as you have good vision, you should be able to see it easily from your car. Even though it is the busiest road in Austin, it is not considered to be the most dangerous. Many drivers find that it is simply a matter of being alert while they are driving in this road.