Addison Texas is a beautiful area located just south of Dallas, in Plano, Texas. Addison consists of three townships: Addison, Texas Heritage, and Addison Texas Village. Addison was incorporated in 1923. Addison has a population of about thirteen thousand people at this time. Addison serves as the primary gateway into Dallas proper. Find further facts here.


Addison Texas is a small community but rich in culture. Addison Texas is home to the Addison Texas Memorial Hospital and The Addison Texas School District. Addison was among the first schools in the Dallas area to integrate a major league baseball team. Addison Texas also has a first town park: Addison Town Park. Addison Texas is conveniently situated just south of Dallas’ downtown area, which makes it convenient for residents to commute into the downtown area of Dallas and to visit the business in the city. Read about University Park, Texas – What’s It Like These Days? here.

The Addison area is full of shopping and dining opportunities. Addison Texas has at least one Whole Foods store, two big-box retailers. Addison’s downtown area is also ideal for loft apartments and lofts. One of Addison’s downtown attractions is the Addison Texas Memorial Hospital, which serves thousands of patients each year. Addison’s headquarters are located in a historic landmark building that was once home to a saloon and general store.