The San Antonio Riverwalk (also called Paseo del Río or simply the River Walk) is an urban park and pedestrian network along the bank of the San Antonio River, one mile below the streets of downtown San Antonio, Texas. It was created to improve safety in the city by providing an avenue for pedestrians to cross the busy streets and experience a new dimension of urban living. The project included making the pedestrian paths safe, easy to navigate, and equipped with benches, light fixtures, and other facilities like trash receptacles and lighting. San Antonio, TX information can be seen at this link.

There are many types of San Antonio River walks. You can choose from a pedestrian-friendly path that offers multiple levels of activity or choose an outdoor walkway or pathway which offers the ability to view the many water features of the surrounding area. Some of the parks that have the river walk include the Downtown Riverwalk (which can be accessed via the RiverWalk Plaza or the Paseo de la Plaza), the RiverWalk Neighborhood Center, the Bexar County Courthouse RiverWalk, the Alamo Riverwalk, and the RiverWalk Shopping Center. Most of these parks are wheelchair accessible and offer a variety of amenities to enjoy. Discover facts about The Spooky and Fun Ripley’s Haunting Adventure in San Antonio, TX.

The main attraction of the San Antonio City Parks, however, is the river walk itself. Along the walkway are several shops and restaurants which cater to a variety of tastes. The shopping center includes two anchor stores: Bexar County Central Market, and the Galleria at San Antonio. There are also many restaurants and cafes where you can relax and enjoy the scenery along with your family. If you would like to shop, you can do so on the outdoor sidewalk, while watching the colorful river and the sights and sounds of its history.