Colton, Texas 78744, USA is a Tight-Knight Community

Colton, TX is seven miles southeast of Austin in Travis County and was established by the McKenzie family about 1866. The community was first called Cotton, about the area’s staple crop, but its name was changed to Colton when the local post office opened in 1897. This neighborhood features less than 500 people, and it is a lonely but beautiful place altogether.  Further facts about Austin, TX can be found here.

Peaceful Neighborhood

If you are looking for a peaceful neighborhood, Colton is one of the fewest you will ever come across. In this tight-knit community, there is never any traffic from people or vehicles. That alone indicates how peaceful it is here. While some people believe that solitude neighborhoods are not part of their bread and butter, the truth is that such places are a perfect fit for the older and retired fellows. Information about Pilot Knob, Texas 78744, USA is a Historic Town that can be found here. 

Single-Family Homes

Since Colton is this sparsely populated, it is only right to say many are the homes here, which are individually owned. As such, when you are looking for an excellent neighborhood to live with a family far away from the vibrant city life, Colton will be a perfect fit. Plus, anyone looking to own a home can easily find one here, but it is also excellent to note the houses are few.