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As modern workplaces deal with violence from disgruntled employees and those who randomly inflict harm on others, there has been a greater emphasis on various types of security measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Because of this, companies are looking to private security firms to provide the necessary levels of protection. However, when attempting to explain the relationship between security and safety within the workplace, the topic can be complex. Nevertheless, if you are wondering what is workplace security and how your workplace can be made more secure, here are some ways Ranger Guard and Investigations can help.

Access Control Management

For many office buildings, industrial facilities, and other areas, access control is one of the most important duties of private security officers. If this is not done effectively, tragedy may be the result. To keep an unauthorized person from entering a building and causing harm to others, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers given workplace security assignments in various aspects of access control management. This involves such aspects as maintaining and updating current lists of tenants, employees, vendors, and others who are allowed access to a building, identifying and creating various access levels for personnel, and creating and issuing appropriate identification badges for personnel and visitors.

Communication Services

In addition to security services, Ranger officers are also responsible for performing many different types of communication services during their assignments. This often involves being stationed at a front desk, where they check visitors in and out, answer telephones, provide directions and other instructions to various individuals, and use various surveillance methods to ensure all areas are safe. However, these services also apply to emergency situations. Therefore, all Ranger officers are trained in emergency communications, as well as coordination of emergency command centers that are set up with the help of police, fire, and rescue personnel.

Evacuations and Medical Emergencies

When attempting to describe security procedures in the workplace to prospective clients, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations stress not only the security aspects, but also the safety aspect as it applies to evacuations and medical emergencies. Because of this, our officers receive extensive training in First Aid/CPR, elevator entrapment, fire drill procedures, multi-floor evacuations, special evacuation procedures involving handicapped and disabled individuals, and many other related areas. By possessing this training along with their standard security training, officers from Ranger Guard and Investigations can be prepared to handle any situation they confront.

Parking Garage Security

In many workplaces such as hospitals, office complexes, and others, parking garages are located nearby to allow employees and visitors the extra convenience of parking near to a facility. However, along with their convenience comes the added risk of various crimes taking place in these areas. Whether it is vandalism, theft from vehicles, or even sexual assaults late at night, it is imperative to have parking garages under constant surveillance and patrolled on a regular basis by skilled private security officers. Due to the many threats that come with parking garages, when we define the term security with respect to the workplace, parking garage security is one of our top priorities. Therefore, along with making sure these areas stay as safe as possible, Ranger officers also perform such duties as parking space administration and parking enforcement.

Patrol Methods

At most workplaces, patrols both on foot and by vehicle need to be performed by private security officers on a regular basis. However, as many clients will find out, not all security firms take these duties seriously. In fact, it is often difficult if not impossible to verify patrols actually took place in most instances. But for those clients who have Ranger Guard and Investigations officers at their facilities, patrols are easily verified. Using the latest state-of-the-art patrolling and surveillance technology, all officers are required to take photos or videos of areas as they are patrolled. Once done, the data can be uploaded to a client-access website via mobile devices, enabling clients and security supervisors to know what is happening in real-time. Along with this, all officers also vary the times and routes of their patrols, making it very difficult for anyone to determine where they will be located at any particular time.

If you are in need of workplace security and want to learn more about organizational security procedures in the workplace, let us at Ranger Guard and Investigations explain the many aspects associated with them. To get started, call us at 832-924-8311, or fill out a contact form at www.rangerguard.net.