Protection Services in Texas


In today’s world, security cannot be taken for granted. Whether it is a large festival, providing security at a construction site, or keeping an executive or celebrity safe from potential dangers, it has become clear well-trained security professionals are needed for these and other situations. As a result, protection services are becoming more and more in demand by businesses, organizations, and individuals, making it extremely important the best security professionals are chosen to handle these assignments. If you are in need of various types of protection services, here are some reasons why Ranger Guard and Investigations can be trusted to handle these assignments with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

Special Events

From a large music festival to a much-anticipated sporting event, special events such as these and many others present a number of difficult security challenges. Whether it is the large crowd, location of the event, or possible threats that have been made prior to the event taking place, it is crucial the security personnel on hand be able to provide highly-specialized event protection services. These should include crowd control, bag searches, media control, K-9 security, and much more. Since even the smallest failure in these areas can lead to disaster, trust Ranger Guard and Investigations to make sure security officers assigned to these events are able to perform these and many other important tasks.

Office Buildings and Businesses

Along with special events, private security officers are often called upon to provide commercial protective services for office buildings, corporate events, and many other types of businesses. To ensure safety is maintained at all times, officers on these assignments use a variety of methods and techniques, including mobile patrols, high-tech surveillance, access control, and training in firearms and defensive tactics. By beginning an assignment with these and other skills, officers will be able to handle even the most serious situation using sound judgement and expert training.

Construction Sites

Since many construction sites are massive in size, have large amounts of expensive equipment and supplies scattered about the location, and often operate 24/7 in many cases, providing construction protective services requires the use of private security guards who are experienced and knowledgeable about security procedures specific to these assignments. For example, since large numbers of people are on a construction site daily, guards must be well-trained in access control, patrolling and surveillance, and emergency procedures including communications and first aid. By having these skills, guards will be able to provide immediate assistance should a dangerous situation arise.

Corporate Security

In the modern corporate world, security is a must to maintain the highest levels of safety for employees, customers, and facilities. To ensure this happens, more and more corporations are hiring private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations to assist in these matters. Along with the standard security procedures of access control, facility patrols and surveillance, and emergency communications and coordination procedures, much of today’s corporate protective services also includes using security personnel who are trained in such areas as computer forensics and IT investigative techniques. By combining these techniques along with standard security training in self-defense, firearms, and verbal deescalation techniques, virtually any corporate setting can be made much safer on a daily basis.

VIP Protection

From well-known corporate executives and celebrities to lesser-known individuals who may have had threats made against them by disgruntled employees or others, having VIP protection is a must to ensure they stay safe. Through this one-on-one private security, individuals can have an armed guard with them at all times if necessary to keep them safe. On these assignments, Ranger Guard and Investigations assures clients they will be given the most experienced and knowledgeable guards available for their protection. In most cases, security personnel assigned to these details have many years of law enforcement or military experience, and have also proven themselves in previous executive protection services assignments. By possessing the skills learned in previous occupations with the latest training in one-on-one private security procedures, those needing protection will know they have guards assigned to them who are capable of thwarting any threat.

As the scope and variety of threats continues to escalate, working with an experienced private security firm is extremely important. Rather than wait until the unthinkable happens, hire the services of a security agency that has the knowledge and personnel needed to handle all types of situations. To learn how Ranger Guard and Investigations can help keep you safe, visit and fill out a contact form for a private consultation.