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With valuable heavy equipment and building materials all over the site, tight deadlines, workers constantly entering and leaving, and heavy costs to pay if anything goes wrong, construction sites pose more security challenges than many other environments. That’s why construction firms use experienced security professionals to keep personnel and property safe throughout the project. 

Find out how an experienced professional security company like Ranger Guard can protect your construction project until the job is done.

Why Construction Site Security Matters

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in America. High numbers of workers on the site coming and going at all hours of the day and night make access control highly important to prevent theft or damage to the property. Along with a large amount of space involved, many sites may not have adequate fencing or other barriers to keep out those wanting to loiter or commit theft or vandalism. As a result, many thefts of materials, tools, and equipment are reported. Leading construction companies often turn to private security agencies in an effort to maintain a safe and secure environment. One of the first security measures Ranger Guard recommends for construction sites is implementing 24/7 on duty private security guards.

But construction site security involves more than simply controlling access to the site and guarding equipment and important material. Worksites are not safe places, and injuries to workers requiring immediate medical assistance can happen at any time. Security staff needs to make sure workers obey health and safety regulations and stay safe while on the job. All officers employed by Ranger Guard are certified in CPR and First Aid so that if an incident takes place they can keep control of the situation. They are also trained to obtain crucial information from those injured as well as to coordinate with paramedics and other first responders when an accident occurs.

Without adequate security, the dangers of a construction site multiply rapidly and can lead to injured staff and heavy losses from theft or damage. Ranger Guard works to keep every customer protected, so you can focus on your work.

How Do I Keep My Construction Site Secure?

Working with a security company experienced in dealing with construction sites is essential to keeping your construction site secure. The first step is an initial consultation to go over the specifics of what your construction company needs. This information will be used to draw up detailed security plans. Some sites require a higher level of security than others. Whether to hire armed security or unarmed security is a question for each individual business owner to make on their own based on a site-specific risk assessment.

Access Control

A major priority is access control. This can include updating and maintaining a list of authorized personnel, creating and issuing identification cards and badges, and ensuring supervisory personnel has the latest lists. When each guard can swiftly identify whether a given person is permitted to be on-site, preventing theft, vandalism or uncomfortable scenes with disgruntled former employees becomes much easier. Next time a group of contractors show up to remove some material from the site, your security team will know they are legitimate.

Foot & Vehicle Patrols

Construction sites vary in size and have many areas where it would be easy for dishonest employees or trespassers to hide, so they need to be effectively guarded day and night. Due to this complexity, Ranger Guard recommends using random foot and vehicle patrols. By constantly changing times and routes of patrols, it becomes impossible for anyone to know when and where security personnel will be. This possibility of always being interrupted creates a strong deterrence for any would-be criminals. Since construction sites are often sprawling over a wide area, Ranger Guard recommends combining vehicle and foot patrols into an integrated patrol network specifically geared towards construction sites. As a result, incidents of theft, vandalism, and other illegal acts decrease significantly for most clients after only a few weeks of having security services onsite.

Surveillance Technology

Human guards are not enough. High-tech surveillance technology empowers guards to dramatically increase their effectiveness on site. All of Ranger Guard’s officers are trained in state-of-the-art surveillance techniques. These methods, including using mobile devices such as smartphones to relay real-time videos to supervisory personnel eliminate many commonly found problems. In construction sites, there are often hard to reach areas that If needed officers can always phone for backup from our experienced supervisor team. Any Ranger Guard client can also access K-9 officers for patrols, deterrence, and access control. 

Our technology also helps us keep clients informed about the changing reality on the ground. If we get an alert that one of our guards is delayed or can’t make their shift, our clients will be updated instantly and kept in the loop while we arrange an alternative. Knowing what’s going on makes all the difference.

Trust Ranger Guard With Your Construction Security

Construction security issues are complicated. That’s why companies serious about safety only hire the best private security firms. With locations across many major cities such as Dallas, Houston, or Austin in Texas, and many other franchise locations across the country, Ranger Guard is an experienced security company, with years of service and an industry-wide reputation for excellence and professionalism. Ranger Guard should be your first and only security solution. Contact us at or call 832-924-8311 for a free initial security consultation.