Importance of Workplace Security in Texas

In today’s workplace, nothing can be taken for granted regarding security. With workplace violence occurring almost daily, employees are more concerned than ever about their safety. Because of this, companies realize the importance of security in the workplace. From a large office building to a small local business, the threat of violence is always there. From a disgruntled employee to an unhappy customer, businesses are turning to private security agencies to guard people and property. If your company needs workplace security, here are some reasons to work with Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Exceptional Training

When training private security personnel, no agency is more thorough than Ranger Guard and Investigations. With most officers having backgrounds in law enforcement and military combat operations, Ranger officers come to the job with years of proven experience. And to go along with their previous experience, Ranger offers training in today’s most important areas of security. These include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Patrol Techniques, K-9 Security, Access Control, First Aid/CPR, and Criminal Law. Armed with the skills and knowledge associated with these areas, Ranger security officers are able to handle the most difficult situations with sound judgement and professionalism.

Emergency Situations

Whether it’s a medical emergency or one involving an active shooter or other person intent on inflicting harm, private security officers can find themselves faced with a dangerous situation in the blink of an eye. And when these situations occur in the workplace, the atmosphere can become chaotic in a hurry. Because of this, Ranger guards are trained in various aspects of access and crowd control. With these skills, they can help to ensure only authorized personnel are allowed into a building or onto the grounds of a business. In addition to this, they can also use specialized medical training in first aid and CPR to assist victims who may be injured, providing potentially life-saving treatment until first responders arrive.

Patrolling the Workplace

For businesses that occupy large buildings or are spread out over a large area, it’s vital private security officers perform regular patrols to help reinforce the importance of safety and security in the workplace. However, unlike many other security firms, Ranger Guard and Investigations approaches patrolling from a unique perspective. Rather than patrol a workplace in the same manner day and night, Ranger guards utilize techniques designed to keep criminals and others off-balance. By performing random patrols of various areas, along with using different patrol routes each time, it becomes impossible for anyone to determine a set patrol pattern, making it difficult to know when an area will not be under surveillance.

Workplace Investigations

When it comes to the importance of information security in the workplace, a variety of factors come into play. From company secrets involving products to the personal data of employees, there is always the chance a person may attempt to steal information. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations also employs trained investigators who can use state-of-the-art surveillance methods to uncover potential wrongdoing in a workplace. Due to the ever-increasing importance of security workplace matters such as these have become high priority for many businesses, leading them to rely on trained investigators to solve complex cases. When it comes to investigators employed by Ranger, many not only have law enforcement or military backgrounds, but are also trained in various aspects of surveillance and computer forensic analysis, enabling them to get the evidence needed to answer the toughest questions.

High Standards

Before any officer is hired by Ranger Guard and Investigations and begins an assignment, they are required to possess the highest of ethical and professional standards. To begin with, they are given multiple aptitude tests to see if they have not only the correct personality traits for a security position, but also the judgement and knowledge needed to handle various situations. Along with this, Ranger conducts extensive background checks on each applicant, verifying all employment, education, and personal information and references. Finally, they must pass strict drug testing, ensuring they will not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while on the job.

Why is Security Important in the Workplace?

If you have asked yourself this question in the past, the events that have transpired in recent years have probably given you the answers to this question. Therefore, if your company or business needs state-of-the-art private security protection, let Ranger Guard and Investigations provide the services you need. To make sure your workplace is as safe as possible, contact us at 713-357-8225 or visit