Houston Security Officer Types

Within different facilities, security needs vary. For example, while an office building or apartment complex may only require unarmed security officers to act as a deterrent, industrial complexes, banks, and museums may require the services of armed guards for maximum protection. However, determining the best needs for security can be difficult for those who know little or nothing about the field. Therefore, it’s always best to place one’s trust in a private security firm that has dealt with a variety of situations over the years, enabling them to know which methods work best. If you find yourself in need of a professional security officer, here are some things to look for when making your choice.

Certification and Licensing

When deciding which private security firm with which to work, always make sure each private security officer is properly certified and licensed prior to beginning their assignment. By doing so, you not only guarantee the officer has received training in the latest security methods and procedures, but you also maintain a maximum of liability coverage for your business or property, which can be important should an incident occur that requires the officer to take action to protect lives or property.

Related Experience

Whether it’s a chief security officer or other security professional, having related experience can be of tremendous benefit in numerous ways. For example, many private security officers have prior experience in law enforcement or military service, demonstrating they have the aptitude and skills needed to perform well in high-stress situations. In addition to this, their prior experience also shows they have exercised good judgement time and time again, which is crucial for private security officers, since they will likely work a variety of assignments involving many different types of people and environments. Due to the important role prior experience plays in making an excellent protective security officer, Ranger Guard and Investigations actively recruits applicants possessing prior experience in law enforcement, military operations, government service, and other similar fields.

Advanced Training

Whether it’s a corporate security officer at a high-rise office complex or an unarmed officer providing security at a community festival, it’s nevertheless important they possess the latest advanced training in security procedures. Since today’s world has shown that violent acts can occur in places and situations never previously imagined, security officers must be prepared for anything. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers, regardless of the assignments they will be expected to handle, are trained in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, First Aid/CPR, Emergency Communications, and Verbal Deescalation Techniques. By being armed with this knowledge, officers can be much better prepared to handle various emergency situations with the confidence and professionalism needed to keep people and property safe.

High Standards

Regardless of the type of assignment a private security officer will have, it’s crucial they approach it having the highest possible ethical and professional standards possible. In doing so, clients will know they have personnel on duty who can be trusted to protect property and lives in whatever ways are necessary, using sound judgement and clear thinking. To ensure this happens, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires all private security officers to pass a variety of aptitude tests related to different aspects of security, as well as successfully undergo extensive background checks. Finally, before any applicant is hired by Ranger, they must clear multi-tiered drug testing, which has been called the strictest drug testing in the private security industry. Once they clear these hurdles, Ranger private security officers are deemed ready to represent Ranger Guard and Investigations in the best way possible.

Mobile Patrols

No matter the type of assignment given them, virtually all Ranger private security officers are required to perform varying amounts of mobile patrols, whether on foot, by vehicle, or both. However, to make these patrols much more effective than those utilized by many other private security firms, Ranger officers conduct patrols at random times and by different routes. By using this innovative approach to patrolling, it’s virtually impossible for criminals and others to detect a pattern, which leads to a greater level of security. In fact, statistics have shown that once Ranger officers start using these patrol techniques, crime rates at apartment complexes, industrial facilities, and other areas drop by an average of 20 percent within one month.

See for Yourself

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