Campus Security Services


Mass shootings, theft, assaults and out of control parties are just a few of the security issues facing today’s college campuses. That’s why Ranger Guard is determined to help campuses across the US create a safer environment for their students. 

Why Campus Security Matters

University students are supposed to be learning and challenging themselves as they enter the adult world. They should not be worrying about threats to their lives or property. Campus security exists to ensure a secure environment for the student community while they complete their studies. In the case of active shooter situations, campus security is the first line of defense, and will be available before the police arrive to take control of a situation.

In the event of theft or assault, whether between students or from an external actor, campus security is the first point of contact. Often they will be the ones to phone the police in the event of an incident. 

Campus security will also likely be required to record any incidents of crime taking place on university property, in accordance with the 1990 Clery Act. Universities are obliged to maintain and publicize crime statistics so prospective students and their families can make an informed choice about whether or not to attend. Even if the records are kept by another department, campus security services will be involved in producing the records and dealing with crime, even cases as minor as parking violations. Campus security authorities are also charged with updating the Security and Fire Safety Report. Most campuses also require event security services for the many lectures, debates, parties and other gatherings taking place each academic year. Rather than deal with the administrative headache in-house, it is far easier to outsource it to a professional security firm with the experience required to do it well. 

Ensuring your campus community has adequate security is essential in an era of rising crime. Contact an experienced security company like Ranger Guard to take the guesswork out of staying safe on campus.

Improving Campus Security

Begin by hiring only experienced officers. Ranger Guard hires only licensed security guards and conducts extensive background checks and vetting, including criminal background checks and drug tests, before hiring. After hiring we put our guards through an intensive series of training classes including: Active Shooter training, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, K-9 Security and Patrols, Access Control and Patrol Techniques.

One of the most effective training techniques used by Ranger guards is our verbal de-escalation strategy known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement. This method focuses on helping officers to calm potential confrontations before they become dangerous. These innovative communication techniques have helped Ranger Guard officers to keep many situations from turning into physical. Maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry is vital to our model of success. 

The best guards need the best support. Ranger Guard implements a holistic security plan for your campus. This includes surveillance technologies, access control protocol, including identification cards and a sophisticated checking system, and the right balance of armed and unarmed guards. Alarm systems can be installed so you can safely evacuate the property where necessary. Static guards in set key locations such as main building entrances may be backed up by roving foot patrols and vehicle patrol agents. Ranger guards use numerous patrol techniques that make it virtually impossible for anyone to anticipate their movements. All those on site are supported by a 24/hr supervisory agent, whose job is to liaise between the client and the guard and provide further information and guidance on how to proceed. 

To complement foot and vehicle patrols, more and more schools are also incorporating video surveillance into their campus security systems. Video lets security officers constantly monitor virtually all areas of campus buildings and grounds remotely. In many cases, the school will establish a central command and monitoring center, from which security officers will monitor the entire campus 24/7. The systems can also be linked to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling real-time data and alerts to be sent between the monitoring center and officers who are on patrol.There is no need to leave your campus unprotected. Contact Ranger Guard today and schedule a free consultation on how best to keep your students and staff safe on your campus.