Professional Security In Houston


In today’s world that feels more threatening by the moment, many companies, events, and business executives or celebrities are turning to professional security consultants to give them the protection they deem to be necessary. Whether it is providing crowd control, bag searches, and K-9 security for a concert or football game, patrolling the grounds of an apartment complex to keep out trespassers and those committing vandalism, or being a bodyguard for a business executive or celebrity, it’s clear professional security encompasses a wide variety of duties and situations. If you are in need of professional security in Houston to ensure the safety of people and property, here are some details to consider when choosing an agency.

Security Training

Needless to say, any private security officer will need to possess certain levels of basic security skills. However, as with any other industry, all businesses are not created equal. Thus, while one agency may provide in-depth training in various security measures, another may not. Thus, always try to have a general idea of the services you think you will need. By doing so, you’ll be able to discuss your concerns in a clear, concise manner, which will make the process much easier. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all officers receive training in such areas as anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, mobile patrol techniques, surveillance, and first aid/CPR. And for those who will be working complex assignments such as VIP protection, large-scale events, and property security in high-crime areas, they will be given additional training in K-9 patrols and security, crowd control and searches, high-tech surveillance methods, and other important aspects of professional protective security.

The Best Personnel

In many security agencies, the hiring requirements are not very strict. In fact, if a person is 21 years old and has little or no experience in security, they can often get a job, and sometimes immediately be assigned to a client who needs complex security services. However, at Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is not the case. To begin with, Ranger places a premium on hiring guards who have previous experience related to private security, such as law enforcement or military service. And along with this, all personnel hired by Ranger undergo very complex background checks, drug testing, and must pass numerous aptitude tests before ever beginning their first assignment. While these standards may sound very high, they have helped Ranger Guard and Investigations become the leading private security contractors in the Houston area for well over 10 years.

Communication Skills and Customer Service

While it’s crucial for officers to possess excellent training in various aspects of security, it’s just as important for them to have excellent communication and customer service skills. Not only are they representing Ranger Guard and Investigations on their assignment, but they in effect become the face of the company, property, or event at which they are working. Thus, being able to deal effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds can be critical in helping keep an area calm and crime-free. However, for those times when a verbal confrontation ensues, Ranger officers possess specialized training that has proven to be extremely effective in deescalating verbal situations before they become physical ones. Referred to as Enforcement Through Reinforcement, these various verbal techniques are designed to help officers gain control of a situation with words, enabling them to help the other party calm down and think clearly.

High-Tech Security Methods

For those officers who may be working on investigations or other complex security issues, they are provided training in many of today’s most sophisticated security methods. For example, officers who may be in charge of surveillance of subjects will be trained in use of the latest surveillance tools, and may also possess training in forensic investigative methods as well. In situations where an employee may be suspected of theft or embezzlement, officers may use computer forensic technology to gain access to data contained in mobile devices, allowing them to gain the evidence needed to give a client the answers they seek.

Learn More About Private Security in Houston

Because there are so many different aspects of professional security, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a professional security consultant that has the knowledge and experience needed to handle different situations. Whether you need security for a concert or for an apartment complex or office building, working with established industry professionals can make all the difference. To speak with security professionals who possess the skills needed to ensure success, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 832-924-8311.