Bronson Security in Texas


In today’s world, it has never been more important to make security a top priority. Whether it is an office complex, healthcare facility, manufacturing plant, apartment complex, or a concert or sporting event, the fact is a serious incident could happen at any time. Because of the risks associated with these areas, hiring private security officers is crucial to maintaining crowd control, patrolling parking lots to ensure vandalism and other crimes do not occur, and making sure only authorized personnel are allowed to come and go. But when selecting a private security firm that can perform these and other duties in Bronson, clients must use a variety of factors in determining the best firm in which to place their trust.

Multiple Duties

On any type of private security assignment, officers will need to perform multiple duties to keep people and property as safe as possible. Therefore, it is imperative they be trained in as many areas of security as will be needed. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all officers receive training relevant to their assignments. For all officers, training is required in such areas as Defensive Tactics, Patrolling and Surveillance, Anti-Terrorism Methods, First Aid and CPR, and Emergency Communications. And for those officers who will be working special assignments such as event security, additional training is provided in K-9 Security, Crowd and Access Control, Bag Searches, and Firearms if they will be armed during their assignment.

Knowledge and Experience

Along with training its officers in multiple types of duties for their assignments, private security firms should also use officers who have tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in security. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, a high priority is placed on hiring officers with previous experience in security or related fields. Because of this, many officers employed by Ranger are former law enforcement personnel or military veterans, and are skilled in combat operations, intelligence procedures, and other areas. By having prior experience in these areas, officers can combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art security training offered by Ranger to ensure clients they will have security personnel on duty who are capable of handling complex and serious security situations.

Specialized Assignments

For many clients who may need officers to perform specialized assignments, it can be difficult to find security agencies that can provide officers with the latest training. However, this is not a problem for officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations. No matter the type of assignment, clients can have officers on duty who are capable of performing their duties in an effective manner. Whether it is providing security for a large concert with thousands of people in attendance, or perhaps an assignment providing one-on-one security for a VIP, Ranger private security officers are prepared to work any assignment needed.

Patrols and Surveillance

On many assignments, private security officers must make regular patrols of facilities and also provide various types of surveillance. For example, if working an apartment complex or manufacturing facility, officers will need to patrol parking lots and other areas to ensure no crimes are taking place. And for officers who may be working in an office complex or healthcare facility, they may be stationed in a central command center, where they will be using video surveillance to monitor multiple areas at once. Whatever the situation, Ranger officers are thoroughly trained in these procedures. This is especially true regarding patrols, since Ranger officers use specialized techniques to perform random foot and vehicle patrols. By doing so, they constantly vary their routes and patrol times, making it impossible for others to establish a patrol pattern. As a result of these techniques, many clients report significant drops in vandalism and other crimes after only several weeks of having Ranger officers on duty.

Screening and Hiring Practices

When clients in Bronson hire private security officers, they want to make sure those officers are the best of the best. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, a number of different methods are used during the hiring process to ensure this is the case. Along with aptitude tests that demonstrate an applicant’s ability to use good judgement in various situations, all officers must pass stringent drug testing and detailed background checks. In addition, before starting any assignments, they also pass tests to become licensed and certified as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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