There are many types of patrol services and they include but are not limited to, traffic citation service, DWI service, gang and crime watch, courthouse protection, bail enforcement, and so on. A Traffic Citation Service is a specialized service that is usually offered by local police departments and sometimes by the state police. They can come out at any time of the day or night. Learn information about Dallas, TX here.


Another type of Patrol Services in Dallas, Texas is the Dallas Security Guard. This is a specialized unit that consists of sergeants and guards who are highly trained for combat and emergency operations under any type of emergency situation. They perform their duties in conjunction with police officers and act as security for the Dallas residents. The patrol services also offer specialized units such as the Dallas CCTV, a hybrid unit that combines the services of a security guard with that of a CCTV camera. They also offer fusion units that combine certain features of the above two. Discover facts about The Benefits Of Hiring Patrol Services of Dallas, Texas.

Other types of Patrol Services in Dallas include physical security, business security system, and perimeter protection. A business security system in Dallas includes a theft deterrent, active infrared, and video surveillance along with burglary, fire, and hazardous gas detection. Active infrared cameras to monitor a large area for high-resolution imaging and other security solutions for businesses. The Dallas CCTV is responsible for catching criminals through motion-detected imaging throughout the city of Dallas. It not only acts as a proactive security solution for businesses but also acts as a first response whenever crimes occur.