Professional Patrol Services in Dallas, Texas is at the forefront in ensuring that citizens living and visiting in Dallas enjoy a safe, lawful, and affordable society. They protect the innocent by serving traffic violations in a courteous manner and enforcing municipal ordinances. They serve warrants, investigations, jail booking, probation enforcement, house appearances, DUI School Field Testing, and other probation enforcement services throughout the city of Dallas. Professional Police Services in Dallas, Texas is composed of sworn police officers sworn to uphold the laws of the community and protect the lives and property of all individuals within the jurisdiction. As they are required by law to protect the citizens, they have specific dress codes of uniforms and personal identification. Learn more here.


Professional Patrol Services in Dallas, Texas is committed to community safety initiatives and they work diligently in preventing crime in all areas of the city. They provide proactive policing and intelligence gathering services to the residents of Dallas. They collaborate with community agencies and schools to address problems and promote positive behaviors in students. The services also include victim support services and juvenile justice programs. Learn more about How to Become a Part of Patrol Services in Dallas, TX.

Professional patrol services patrol the city streets at many hours of the day seven days a week performing regular investigations of crimes and traffic violations. Their specialized units are assigned to particular districts for comprehensive street crime control. Each day, they conduct at least one traffic stop and perform an OUI-DUI sting or a DUI arrest and citation recovery. OUI-DUI stings are designed to generate sufficient evidence for prosecution by proving intoxication and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. On the same day, they perform jail arrests and recover impaired drivers from impaired vehicles.