Benbrook Texas is located just southwest of Fort Worth, in south-central Tarrant County. Benbrook is also a suburb of Fort Worth and is bordered by Worth Country Club. Benbrook Lake is an outdoor lake located in Benbrook, Texas and this is one of the most popular attractions for tourists to visit in Texas. Benbrook Lake State Park is another attraction in Benbrook. Learn more here. 


Benbrook Texas is a popular tourist destination because it offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. There are several attractions that tourists find especially enjoyable such as the Wild Water Wilderness Preserve, the Scenic Drive, or the Benbrook Texas Golf & Country Club. Benbrook Lake State Park offers miles of beautiful wooded trails, wildlife refuge areas, picnic spots, hiking paths, as well as boat launches, and more. Benbrook Lake State Park has Picnic Tables, Landscape Buildings, and Water Features. There are boats available for rent at the marina. Benbrook is located about an hour from Fort Worth, which means that the nightlife is still very much alive. There are many outdoor activities that you can enjoy such as cycling, hiking, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, skating, boating, swimming, golf, dog training, hunting, fishing, and so much more. Benbrook has many clubs, organizations, and other things you can do whether you just want to spend a day at the beach or just walk around and have fun. Learn more about Reasons Why You Should Visit White Settlement, Texas.

Benbrook Texas is also home to many unique shops and stores. One can find souvenir shops, antiques, arts and crafts, specialty food shops, live entertainment, art galleries, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, and movie theaters. Benbrook also offers a wide variety of services such as florists, dog walkers, valet parking, and taxi services. The landscape of Benbrook Texas is spectacular with lots of homes and other buildings that have been built on the lake. Benbrook has been thriving for many years and these wonderful facilities are a reason why so many people love staying in Benbrook Texas.