White Settlement, Texas, is one of the largest cities in Texas, nestled among its many lakes and rivers. Situated along the banks of Green River, the city is bordered on two sides by the Guadalupe River. This location makes it an excellent place for a peaceful and beautiful retirement or holiday break, as there are a plethora of attractions that will keep you busy and entertained during your stay. If you are not content with white beaches and rivers, there is no need to worry as there are a lot of other interesting and attractive places for you to explore in White Settlement, Texas. Click here for facts about Fort Worth, TX. 


One of the main attractions in White Settlement, Texas is the White Settlement Historic Site, which has a variety of historic artifacts to be seen. This is a great way to relive the lifestyle of early Americans, complete with wagon rides, trips to Indian reservation lands, and learning about the different tribes of Native Americans. The White Settlement Historic Site is also known for the preserved historical records of the American Indians. These records give an interesting glimpse into the way the settlers and native peoples lived side by side in the early years of America. Even today, visitors can learn a little history about the early settlers from the recorded documents. If you live in another part of Texas where you can visit White Settlement, it would be a good idea to drive an hour or so to see it first. Fort Worth is the largest city in Texas and home to a number of attractions that draw people from far and wide. You could make a day trip out of it, but driving is always faster and easier. There are plenty of things to do in and around the city, including sporting events, entertainment, fine dining, historical places, and sites, and so much more. Click here to read about The Beautiful and Unique Westover Hills, Texas.

Fort Worth is another popular attraction in White Settlement, Texas, a large city located in Tarrant County just north of Dallas. This community is just two miles from Lake Wohlford and about six miles from the City of Dallas, making Fort Worth a convenient destination for a home or retirement in the Kleinert area. A quick search on the internet will reveal several other popular attractions including wildlife sanctuaries, nature preserves, playgrounds, historic sites, shopping areas, art galleries, sporting events, and many more. No matter what your interests are, you can be sure that White Settlement, Texas has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to enjoy the life and culture of early America.