Sensational Dining Experience in Austin, TX

Austin was once just the land of barbecue, tacos, and Tex-Mex. While the city still offers top-notch options in those categories, its growth over the last decade has brought in a new, world-class restaurant scene, with many great culinary minds opening up shop and sharing their creations with the community. Here are the best spots to dine while in town. Further facts about Austin, TX can be found here.


Suerte came onto the Austin restaurant scene in 2018 and has since taken the city by storm, racking up favorable review after favorable review. Executive Chef Fermin Nunez has created a menu that highlights the taste of Mexico. The atmosphere inside the restaurant offers a warm, soulful experience. Dishes are made to be shared so guests can taste the gamut. Information about Austin, TX is an Outdoor Paradise can be found here.

Hillside Farmacy

Operating out of the old Hillside Drugstore from the 1950s, Hillside Farmacy has become the premier brunch spot in Austin. Although renovated with sleek interior design, the restaurant has kept some of the aesthetics of a 1950s pharmacy to give patrons a vintage yet modern feel. The brunch menu is simple but perfectly executed.


A clean, sharply designed restaurant complemented by brunch, lunch, and dinner menus that will leave you full but wanting more is the aptest description for Launderette. The East Austin restaurant tucked away in the mostly residential Holly neighborhood is still a little bit of a hidden gem, but word is quickly getting out.