A Tourist’s Guide to Texas Capitol in Austin

Austin, Texas is the largest state capitol in Texas, an inland town bordering the South Hill Country. Founded by General Sam Houston as a port for the Spanish in the eighteen-nineteenth century, it is one of the oldest cities in Texas and the state’s capital. Home to the largest University of Texas campus, Austin is well known for its diverse live-music scene, centered on the country, bluegrass, and rock. Its many lakes and parks are popular for boating, hiking, and swimming. South of Austin, the Circuit of The race track has hosted the prestigious United States Grand Prix motor racing events. See more here.

Located in the center of Austin, Texas, the Capitol Building is home to all branches of government in the State of Texas. As well as the seat of government, the Capitol also acts as the official residence of Governor Rick Perry. In addition to being the official home of the governor, the structure is used by other State government officials, including members of the House and Senate. Many visitors and residents in the area visit the Capitol Building to get a better idea of how Austin is. Not to be missed are the various exhibits that can be found at the museum. See here for information about All About The Stevie Ray Statue in Austin, TX.

When you visit Austin, Texas, there are several things that you will notice that are representative of this booming metropolitan area. If you are interested in seeing the different areas that make up this beautiful part of Texas, you may want to consider visiting Austin, Texas. This is a city that offers a wide variety of entertainment opportunities for all ages.