One of the fastest-growing communities in Texas is Barton Creek, located between the Guadalupe and Red River drainage systems. It has become a popular destination in the Texas real estate market, particularly due to developments along the Guadalupe River and the emergence of high-tech corporate campuses in the area. In addition to these attractions, Barton Creek also offers a range of activities for both locals and tourists. The community has even been featured in a popular television series called No Reservations, which follows a man living with his dog in an RV on the Bascule Ranch, where he cares for it like a herd of cattle. Learn more here.


Preservation of the environment for the future is a significant concern for the residents of Barton Creek. They have contributed to the preservation of the area through funding an environmental cleanup project that enables them to reclaim polluted soil. Additionally, they collaborate with landowners and government agencies to preserve natural resources like springs, wildlife habitat, and historic caves. These initiatives help maintain community health despite new developments surrounding it. The community’s most promising and potentially profitable endeavor in environmental conservation is their ongoing attempt to obtain certification as a wildlife refuge. This designation would allow it to be covered under the Endangered Species Act, helping it continue its beautiful, open, rural lifestyle. Learn more about West Lake Hills, Texas – A Unique Destination for Everyone.

Barton Creek, Texas has a renowned association with the CIA that is well-known among both locals and tourists. The Bascule Ranch area is where Allen Dulles, the father of the CIA, was born. This magazine has received insights about the town from prominent residents like John Ashwood, former Attorney General, and actors Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan. If you’re looking for information about the area or other attractions, visit Cactus Gallery, Black’s Beach, Sea World, Big Bear Lake, or The Woodlands.