In Texas, some law enforcement officials would instead hire unarmed security guards to patrol their city than hiring any form of a security guard. Most police officers lack the necessary equipment and weapons and lack the experience to differentiate between an armed security guard and a security guard who are unarmed. Often the police will shoot at a security guard with little to no hesitation, believing that they were trying to rob them. The problem is that many of the citizens in Texas do not have a clear understanding of what an unarmed security guard is, nor do they understand that a trained, weaponless guard is much better at defending himself or herself from crime. More stories of crimes are being committed where there were armed guards in San Antonio, Texas than there have ever been before. More about San Antonio, TX can be seen here.


Unarmed security guards are essential to many areas in the United States. Especially in large cities, there is a huge problem with crime. Many criminals who prey upon large crowds will try to strike a deal with the police before they start a crime spree, including stealing from tourist sites, banks, and other institutions. Unarmed guards can be hired in San Antonio for crowd control, protecting businesses from vandalism and different types of crime. These guards are just as crucial for protecting tourist sites in San Antonio as any other company. Click here to read about Unarmed Security Guards For Hire in San Antonio, Texas.

Having security guards in San Antonio also allows the police to protect the city. San Antonio has been a victim of attempted robbery and other crimes. Unarmed guards can help to prevent these kinds of crimes from occurring because the criminals are less likely to shoot at the guards. This means that the police can protect the city without having to raise the guardhouses. This gives the police more time to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. Unarmed security guards can make the difference between living in a safe city and living in a target for criminals.