Mobile Patrol Services in San Antonio, Texas, is a citizen watch program that is funded by the City of San Antonio and is designed to help maintain a safe and secure environment for all citizens. The Mobile Patrol Service will be out at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week, to areas outside of city limits that are prone to crime. In the past years, the Mobile Patrol Service has provided many positive advantages for its members, including deterring vehicle thefts, helping to keep the streets safe from crime, detecting unlawful activity, and catching unruly behavior. See more here.


Mobile patrol services work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies throughout the city of San Antonio. Most of these agencies concentrate on specific districts or areas that are prone to crime, such as east downtown and south of the city’s downtown. They also have patrol units that are in place during the day and night at selected residential neighborhoods. This is done in an effort to catch criminals in the act and then call in the local police department to take custody of the suspect. See here for information about The Impressive Mobile Patrol Services In San Antonio, Texas.

Mobile patrol units will not enter a crime scene if they do not have to. They will only enter a scene if they are contacted there by residents or business owners. This allows the Crime Scene Investigator to collect samples from potential crime scenes and to further analyze any potential evidence. The Mobile Patrol Services is one of the largest providers of traffic stops in the entire State of Texas.