Westover Hills Texas is a beautiful community located about 10 miles east of Austin in the Hill Country of Texas. There are many Westover Hills attractions for the tourist and residents alike. It is considered one of the most unique communities in Texas, as it is set apart from the rest of the area by many unique characteristics and landmarks. As you explore the many interesting sites and things to do in Westover Hills, Texas, you will enjoy the laid-back feel and beautiful homes and architecture. See more here.


Westover Hills is basically a patch of land surrounded by a small creek. The community is made up of five unique neighborhoods: Brackenridge, Cottage View, Granada Hills, Pine Hills, and Terlingua. Each neighborhood has its own unique history and architecture, but the central area, known as Brackenridge, is known for its charming homes on winding country roads, large estates with flowing gardens, unique shops, parks, and golf courses. Cottage View is known for its spectacular views of the surrounding countrysides, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Texas coast, and the Texas hill country. Granada Hills and Pine Hills each have their own character and are known for their luxurious homes on landscaped lawns, unique architecture, and Texas wildlife.  Westover Hills Texas has been thriving as a modern town, filled with small country clubs and retirement communities nestled among large, leafy wooded areas. See here for information about Enjoy Adventure, Fun, and Sunlight in River Oaks, Texas.

There is so much to see and do in Westover Hills Texas. There are lots of Westover Hills Texas attractions such as the Brackenridge Country Club, the Silverado Creek Country Club, the Landa Park, the Texas Legends Museum, the Terlingua Country Club, and many more. If you are interested in relocating to Westover Hills, Texas, or are planning a trip to the area, you can check in on the various Westover Hills Texas attractions online. You can also contact the tourism department of the state of Texas for information on various tours and trips available.