The Texan economy is roaring. Houston, the largest port in the state and an industrial powerhouse in Texas has become a leading city in the nation with regard to job creation. With the economic crisis around the world, many companies have decided to set up operations in Houston, Texas. 

With low taxes, great weather and a host of other opportunities for corporations, Texas has become an important area for corporations to set up operations in. The oil and gas industry has been very good to the Houston economy and has attracted corporations to Houston, Texas for decades. In recent years these businesses have been supplemented by new arrivals from across the country and a thriving southern tech sector. These industries are providing jobs for many people in Houston, Texas and have made the area extremely popular. 

All this business needs protection. With rising populations come increased urban density and increased risk of crime. Businesses have more to lose, and more that they need to keep safe. That’s why the demand for armed security guards in Houston, Texas continues to rise. 

This steady demand looks likely to keep increasing for the foreseeable future. 

During the coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns. However, with jobs starting to come back it is becoming more common for companies to hire security officers. 

Discover why becoming a security guard in Texas can be an exciting next step for your career.

What Training and Qualifications Do Security Guards Need?

If you want to become a Security Guard, the first thing that you need to do is get training. The Texas State Government regulates security guards via the Texas Department of Public Safety, and has strict requirements regarding who is allowed to carry a weapon in the name of a private security firm. 

To become a fully fledged security guard you will need to take the Level II licensing exam. To carry firearms you will need Level III. Ranger Guard prioritizes hiring veterans from law enforcement and the military. We know that an applicant like this has proven skills in coping with high stress security situations and want them to bring those skills to an appropriate civilian context. You do not need a college degree, a school diploma is sufficient. 

The training process will take a month or two to complete, but you will need to be prepared to be ready when you begin. The training requirements are rigorous, and not everyone can pass. You also need to understand that this is something that will be required of you on a daily basis. 

If you are hired by a high quality company such as Ranger Guard you will be required to take additional training. We require all our guards to take training in:

  • anti-terrorism 
  • criminal law
  • defensive tactics 
  • surveillance 
  • patrolling
  • firearms

In addition to specific training relating to security we also train guards in first aid, CPR, verbal de-escalation tactics and customer service. Ongoing education is very important to us, and we provide training updates regularly for our staff. 

Ranger Guard also requires extensive vetting of all guards. We conduct full background checks of all new recruits before hiring and also mandate drug testing. Being an armed security guard is a position of high responsibility and we do not want to entrust this vital role to anyone who does not take this duty seriously.

Once you have got your license and gone through your advanced training, you will be ready to start work keeping Houston safe and preventing criminal activities!

How Being a Security Guard Works

One of the best benefits of being a security guard is the flexible work schedule. At Ranger Guard you can sign up for shifts using the TrakTik app, which allows you to see shifts that are available and work when you can. The new economy is seeing a far greater increase in personal autonomy in the workforce, and we are proud to bring that empowerment to the security industry. 

Guards report to their supervisor on the day of their assignment and we provide uniforms appropriate for the role, along with your access card and other site specific items. You will need to provide your own firearm if you are one of our armed guards. Our roles are as varied as our staff. 

If you have advanced training you may be providing security in a patrol car, or accompanying one of our K-9 agents. Some roles are more customer facing, such as being the doorman of a private residence, while others are more solo, such as patrolling a mall or multi-storey car park after hours. Our guards enjoy being independent and having a role that brings a sense of fulfillment and personal responsibility. 

There is no better after work feeling than coming home knowing you have played your part in keeping people safe. 

Being A Security Officer As a Career

Becoming a security guard is a long-term career opportunity which can keep reaping dividends for the rest of your professional life. It is something that is very important for you to think about before you enter the industry. There is no other industry which can provide the same independence, excitement and sense of responsibility that being a Security Guard offers. Once you are qualified, there are many potential employers.

As you become more experienced and familiar with the industry there are further roles which can open up for you. These include being one of our supporting agents, who are available by phone to coordinate additional backup and answer complex security questions for clients and security guards who are on patrol during emergencies. 

Other agents go on to join our consulting team, providing risk assessments for businesses and developing emergency procedures for potentially problematic scenarios. You may also find yourself managing a team of security guards on a larger property performing many activities. 

If you are looking for a varied and engaging career where you can put your skills to good use, look no further than private security. Contact Ranger Guard today to find out how to take the next step or check out our job openings.