The Selena Memorial Statue in Corpus Christi, Texas stands as a testament to the memory of one of the most beloved female singers of all time. The Selena Memorial Statue in Corpus Christi, Texas was designed by H. W. “Buddy” Tatham, an artist from Corpus Christi who is known for his work as well as his dedication to the arts and culture of Texas. Selena was born in Veracruz, Mexico but later migrated to the United States where she found success in many radio shows and singing competitions. She also enjoyed success on Broadway as well. She had a long history of popularity in the American music industry and her death is still a painful reminder of the fact that her songs remain popular today. More can be found here.

The Selena Memorial Statue in Corpus Christi, Texas is located on the corner of T-Point and Shoreline Blvd and is comprised of a life-size bronze statue of Selena in a leather jacket holding a microphone in her hands, sculpted by Buddy Tatum. The statue is located in an open area facing the beach which makes it a natural landmark. This piece of artwork is truly a work of art because it features both of the famous singer’s looks. She is often portrayed as being in a full flowing gown with long, flowing hair that flows down the back. Her facial expression is shown as a mixture of sadness, love, and affection, and peace, and calmness. The most important aspect of this statue is that it is very detailed. Many of the tattoos you will find on a Selena Memorial Statue in Corpus Christi, Texas include the image of the famous singer as well as other scenes and symbols that are representative of what her fans loved about her. Visit more about Corpus Christi, TX Selena Museum – A Great Place to Visit With Family.

You can see that the artist was willing to work closely with her family to come up with a piece that was truly representative of the true beauty and essence of Selena. The statue is a very popular attraction in this beautiful community of Texas and is viewed by many people daily. Selena fans will surely love to visit the Selena Memorial Statue in Corpus Christi, Texas for more information on this wonderful piece of art and to purchase it to honor the memory of their favorite singer.