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Ranger Guard and Investigations provides complete security services to industrial, commercial, non-profit, and professional organizations and agencies throughout the state.

We build long term relationships with our clients, who always come first.

About Us

Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas Owned and Operated Corporation in Houston, TX. Our President and founder, has over 15 years experience in business development and customer service both in the private and public sector. He is a senior security executive with an additional 15 years experience working for the Israeli secret service

After working for a few years with the Nonprofit Security Grant Program administered by the Department of Homeland Security and surveying over 50 afencies, Ranger Guard realized that there is a tremendous need for a reliable and well trained security guard firm in Texas. It was apparent that the common practice was at an unacceptable level.

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Working with our company you will get licensed, certified, and fully insured security guards that will protect you and your belongings. Security professionals with our company are always screened, utilizing the highest standards possible, satisfying all existing state regulations and guidelines.

We also utilize pre-employment investigation background checks that will do far more than most other security companies in Savoy provide. On top of that, all of our personnel undergo a five-panel drug screening test, an ample training on the subject of security defensive tactics, which is done in service, and a variety of other aptitude tests. Before you work with Ranger Guard and Investigations on a contract, we’ll show you the investigation results of each guard we suggest to you.

When you hire security guards from Ranger Guard and Investigations, you receive free supervisory personnel who will ensure the guards adhere to the general rules of our company and to your rules, ordinances, and regulations. All of the supervisors will be on duty 24 hours a day, as well as 365 days of the year to make this as convenient as possible. We believe in keeping close relationships with our workers, and this is when they are on duty and off duty.

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At our firm, all of the security guards are equipped with two-way radios or the equivalent which ensures constant communication with our supervisor managers.

Every one of our security guards is trained to respond to security issues efficiently and to provide the highest quality of customer service set by our company standards.

Ranger Guard and Investigations has a unique approach when dealing with the business of security. A good amount of our competitors use minimally screened guards and minimal training. Our approach is different in that it is a proactive one where we offer only well-groomed, expertly trained guards many of whom are also US Army veterans. Our strategy includes several steps that reduce the opportunity for injury or property theft within a facility. Here is a summary of our Security Guard Program:

Screening Of Applicants

Management of Ranger Guard and Investigations promises that we are going to make sure that training and recruitment go well so we can be successful.

Our Training Procedures

Our training far exceeds our competitors’ programs and offers full disclosure. All knowledge possessed by the management team is also passed down to new employees. On top of the certification courses which are mandated by the state, the staff at Ranger Guard and Investigations must also attend:

Training in Defensive Tactics, 24-hours

24-Hour Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law

Course on Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Training; 10-hours

Our 16 Hour Customer-Service Seminar

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Some Of Our Top Methods

By adopting the methodology used by the Community Police Officer Program (C.P.O.P) our uniformed guards undergo training to act as a deterrent to criminal activity. Our guards need to be encouraged to be very approachable to employees, residents and patrons that are looking for information. By simply letting the public understand that they are there for them will create a sense of safety and community.

Patrol Methods

We fully train our security guards to implement visible foot patrols in undetermined patterns throughout their entire shift. We try to push our personnel to work with employees and patrons while they are working a post.

In Compliance

Our management has 30 years of combined security and law enforcement experience and knows that crime can be dealt with by being tactical rather than just accusing others or using various traditional methods that aren’t very effective. We use things like the art of verbal Judo to help us get a bad situation toned down.


All of our uniformed guards wear police-style uniforms. The general orders for our corporation require that uniforms are kept clean and pressed at all times. Shoes must be polished, military style and all men must be clean shaven and have neat haircuts. We hold our female staff to the same high standards. Because our staff represents our company and you, we take pride in their appearance.

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Information About Liability With Security Guard Companies

Our agency always maintains insurance that adheres to the specific Texas Department of Public Safety guidelines. To protect any and all assets, according to our lawyers, we will always maintain financial security measures that exceed all industry standards.

Mobile Patrol Service May Be Able To Help

After business hours you can count on mobile patrol services to keep retail and office property safe. Our visibly-marked patrol car can visit the premises at random times throughout the night, which is proven to be very effective in deterring theft or vandalism. Our mission is to provide mobile patrol services that are top notch in customer service, creative solutions, and the use of advanced technology.

Loss Prevention

Loss and damage can increase your insurance premiums, which has likely left you frustrated.

Preventing shoplifting, as well as apprehension, consists of various functions and activities, as well as programs that are designed to help reduce incidents of theft. Our program in Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension work with retail customers who want the latest in solutions that will help them control losses and reduce risk to their business relating to shrink.

In order to run a successful retail business, you must protect merchandise from shoplifting, which is a major contributor to “shrink”. As long as these measures remain effective, it is more likely that any retailer will be able to deliver the products that their customers have ordered at the lowest prices possible so as to improve their own profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace that they happen to be in.

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Since 2009, Ranger Guard and Investigations has been among the leading Houston private security companies. If you are looking for personalized services, you can fill out our company’s online form or contact us at (713) 999-9955.

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