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After Houston and San Antonio, Dallas is the third most populated city in Texas and the ninth most populous city in the entire country. The Greater Houston metropolitan region is the largest in Texas and the Southern United States, and it includes a quarter of the state’s population. Dallas had 1,304,379 residents at the time of the 2020 US Census, an increase of 106,563 since the US Census of 2010. According to the forecasts for 2020, there were 524,498 households, an increase from the 458,057 homes in 2010, 137,523 of which included children under the age of 18. About 36.2% of homes had a married couple as the head, 57.2% had a male or female householder living alone, and 35.6% were non-family households with the head of the household living alone. In 2010, 17.6% of all homes had at least one person age 65 or older, while 33.7% of all households had at least one person under the age of 18. In 2020, there were 2.52 average households and 3.41 average families. In 2018, the percentage of owner-occupied homes was 40.2%, while the percentage of renter-occupied homes was 59.8%. Demographic changes have also impacted Dallas Texas Arts and Culture.

Race and ethnicity

Racial composition 2020 2010 1990 1970 1950
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 42.3% 42.4% 20.9% 7.5% n/a
White (non-Hispanic) 28.1% 28.8% 47.7% 66.9% n/a
Black or African American 22.9% 24.7% 29.5% 24.9% 13.1%
Asian 3.7% 2.9% 2.2% 0.2%

According to the 2020 American Community Survey, the median household income in the city was $54,747, with families earning an average of $60,895, married-couple families earning an average of $81,761, and non-families earning an average of $45,658. Male full-time workers had a median income of $32,265 compared to female full-time workers’ $32,402 in the 2003–2007 survey. The city’s per capita income was $25,904. 33.6% of people under the age of 18 and 13.4% of those over the age of 65 lived below the poverty line, making up about 18.7% of households and 21.7% of the total population. According to a poll conducted in 2007, the median cost of a home was $129,600; by 2020, that cost had increased to $252,300, with 54.4% of owner-occupied homes falling between $50,000 and $299,999. According to the 2022 Point-In-Time Homeless Count, Dallas had 4,410 homeless persons. About 1 in 3 (31%) of persons suffering homelessness were discovered on the streets or in other places not intended for human habitation, according to the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance Continuum of Care 2022 Homeless Count & Survey Independent Analysis.

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