Mobile Patrol Services is a crucial component to enhancing the security and safety within San Antonio and its surrounding communities. These Mobile Security Teams are made up of highly trained, highly mobile personnel that are extremely well equipped to provide high-quality patrol and surveillance services in a cost-effective manner. The state of Texas has granted the San Antonio Police Department and all of the sworn police officers of the City of San Antonio authority to operate this unique program. The Mobile Patrol Service is comprised of sworn San Antonio police officers that are designated to operate independently. These Mobile Patrol Services units are highly trained in emergency vehicle operations, traffic stop and vehicle recovery, tactical vehicle operations, as well as all types of specialized training in a variety of areas. Learn more here.


In the area of San Antonio, the Mobile Patrol Services units are stationed in four zones, namely the east side, west side, south side, and downtown. This highly mobile and portable system enables police officers to deploy to any area within the city of San Antonio at the drop of a hat. These mobile units are fully equipped with the latest equipment and communication devices that allow them to respond to active threats or dangerous situations instantly. These Mobile Patrol Services companies in San Antonio also offer mobile communication systems and emergency telephones for their clients that require such services. This enables the clients to have more police officers deployed to a particular location if required. This also helps to maintain a better and faster response time to emergency calls, which also saves the taxpayers some money.  Learn more about The Awesome Benefits Of Mobile Security Services in San Antonio, TX.

The patrol services company in San Antonio also offers other highly specialized police and security services like computer crime prevention, high-risk property management, gang activity monitoring and detection, and homeland security intelligence gathering. The company also offers specialized tactical and military vehicle accessories to its customers at a discounted price. All of their services are provided on a turn-key basis so that their clients do not have to worry about hiring personnel, training them, and managing the manpower and facilities. The entire process is managed efficiently by highly trained and experienced professionals.