The Yanaguana Garden in Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas is a park on the west side of the historic HemisFair district in San Antonio, TX. It is the second phase of development for the HemisFair Neighborhood Master Plan, which is a five-year plan developed by the San Antonio Planning Commission. Located near San Antonio’s South Main Street, Yanaguana Garden features many of the design features of gardens found in countries all over the world. The first phase includes a landscaping plan that features large meandering paths with different colors representing different vegetation types, such as white with black stripes, blue with purple and green, or brown with red and orange. Click here for facts about San Antonio, TX.

The garden is open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have never visited a garden before, you may want to visit Yanaguana Garden for a tour. There are also tours available for groups of up to twelve people. In addition to visiting the gardens on a guided tour, there are several options for viewing the gardens without having to hire a guide. You can walk down the paths from the parking lot on the east side of HemisFair, enter the park through the pedestrian entrance at the southwest corner, and take in all that the gardens have to offer. Click here to read about Have a Great Adventure at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas

Walking along the large meandering pathways and viewing the different plants and flowers will give you the chance to appreciate just how much work went into developing the gardens. The gardens contain several unique features, including large hanging birdbaths, water features, benches, walkways, and sculptures. The park also has numerous playgrounds for children and many activities for adults, including a picnic area, a fitness room, water feature, and basketball courts.