In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, security guards have been thrust into a new role – that of virus prevention and control.

The Role of Security Guards during the Pandemic: Ensuring Safety and Order in Unprecedented Times

Security guards have always played a crucial role in maintaining safety and order, but their importance has been amplified during the current pandemic. As businesses gradually reopen and people try to navigate this new normal, security guards are on the frontlines, enforcing health protocols and ensuring public safety.

Firstly, security guards serve as an essential line of defense by monitoring entrances and exits to ensure that only those who adhere to safety guidelines are allowed entry. They diligently check temperatures, enforce mask-wearing policies, and provide hand sanitizers at key points. By doing so, they not only protect customers or employees inside establishments but also prevent potential viral transmission within the community.

Secondly, security guards act as valuable sources of information for both employers and individuals.