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No matter the security services you may need, it is always important to work with professionals who are highly-trained, certified, and experienced in handling a variety of situations. Whether this involves patrols and surveillance at an industrial complex, providing investigative services to a corporation that suspects an employee of embezzlement, or keeping a concert or sporting event safe from those who may want to inflict harm, these and other duties are crucial to keeping people and property safe. But with so many private security options in Texas, it can become confusing to know which security firm will be your best bet. However, if you want a company with a proven track record of providing Texas professional security services, Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first and only choice.

Experienced Security Officers

When you need Texas private security, having experienced officers on an assignment can mean the difference between keeping the peace or a disaster occurring. By having officers on duty who have faced various situations over the years, they can use their training and judgement to make the best decisions. To make sure our clients have the best security professionals of Texas working for them, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes experience a top priority when hiring private security officers, recruiting many of our officers from the ranks of law enforcement, military service, and government intelligence.

Licensed and Certified

Along with placing a premium on experience, Ranger Guard and Investigations also makes sure all our officers are fully licensed and certified in private security as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety. To accomplish this, all officers undergo a variety of training classes in various aspects of security, such as criminal law, defensive tactics, first aid and CPR, and other areas as they pertain to specific duties on their assignments. Along with this, all officers are required to pass certification tests, background checks, and drug testing before beginning an assignment, giving our clients peace of mind that the officers on duty at their facilities are the best personal protection officers Texas has to offer.

Multiple Types of Services

When seeking Texas security services, always choose an agency that can offer multiple types of services. This can be important for large facilities such as industrial complexes, office buildings, schools, and other sites, since a variety of services may be needed to ensure the safety of people and property. For example, along with needing various types of patrols and surveillance, these and other facilities may require armed guards, K-9 security, or perhaps officers trained in access control, evacuation procedures, emergency communications, and many other aspects of security that are so important in today’s uncertain world.

Proven Results

While any private security agency can boast of being the best in the industry, the proof is usually found in its track record with clients. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our results speak for themselves. Having served many different types of clients over the years, statistics show we get immediate results for our clients. As an example, for clients who take advantage of our mobile patrol services, rates of vandalism and other crimes have been shown to decrease by as much as 20% or even more after only a few weeks of officers being on duty. Along with this, many of these same clients report insurance premiums also fall substantially due to lower rates of vandalism to property and equipment.

The Latest Technology

While it is certainly important for private security officers to be thoroughly trained in patrol methods, use of firearms, and various types of emergency medical and communication methods, it is also vital they be trained in how to use technology to give clients even greater levels of security. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we place a tremendous emphasis on using many different aspects of technology to give our clients peace of mind. As an example, we not only give many clients access to their own online portal, but also have our officers use mobile devices such as smartphones to take photos and videos of areas as they are patrolled. This, coupled with having these photos, videos, and reports downloaded in real-time to the portal, allow clients to know exactly what is happening at their facility at any given moment.

No matter the type of security services you need, turn to us at Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance. To learn more about our commissioned security officers in Texas, fill out a contact form at www.rangerguard.net or call our offices at 713-357-8225.