Security Service in Texas


Since today’s world requires high levels of security, many facilities, companies, and organizations rely on professional security services to ensure their safety. From an apartment complex needing on-site officers to help guard against vandalism and other crimes, office buildings that need officers to ensure only authorized personnel enter a building, or even organizers of concerts and festivals that need officers to keep attendees safe, these and other types of private security are currently in very high demand. But due to the many security companies that exist in Houston and other nearby cities, potential clients can have difficulty selecting the best company that provides the services they need. To help in making this decision, here are some key aspects to keep in mind when considering a security services company.

Excellent Training

To provide any type of security service in an effective manner, a company must give its officers excellent training in numerous areas. With today’s private security guards facing the possibility of dealing with various types of potentially dangerous situations, they must be trained to deal with such situations as workplace violence, terrorist attacks, deranged fans at concerts, and other situations. Therefore, whether an officer is working at an office building or other setting, it is imperative they be trained in anti-terrorism security measures, physical defense tactics, verbal deescalation methods and techniques, security patrols and surveillance, first aid/CPR, and other areas as they will relate to their specific assignment.

Customized Services

In many cases, clients will need security services that are customized for their specific needs. This is often the case when a private security company is asked to provide executive security services, since these situations can vary from one assignment to another. For example, depending on the itinerary of the executive needing security services, a guard may need to be armed, skilled in defensive driving techniques, possess specialized knowledge of various defensive tactics, and many other skills and abilities. Due to the nature of these assignments, it is often best to make sure officers assigned to executive security have previous experience in law enforcement, military service, or other related areas. In doing so, they can combine past training and skills with current security measures, ensuring clients will be protected in the best possible manner.

Best Use of Technology

In today’s world, state-of-the-art technology is making its way into more and more industries, and private security is no exception. As a result, private security officers are expected to use various aspects of technology when carrying out their duties on all types of assignments. On more and more assignments where officers are required to conduct regular patrols of buildings and grounds, many types of technology are now in use. One of the most popular is linking mobile devices such as smartphones with a facility’s wireless network, allowing officers to take photos and videos of areas as they are patrolled. Once this is done, the data can then be instantly uploaded to a client website, allowing for real-time viewing. In addition, daily and incident reports can also be instantly filed and sent as well, helping to streamline the decision-making process should an emergency situation develop.

State Licensing and Certifications

When a client is in the process of selecting a private security firm, one of the most important aspects they should verify as soon as possible is the firm’s licensing and certifications. If these are not in place for the firm and its officers, many issues regarding legal liability can ensue, particularly if an officer is involved in an incident while on an assignment. Therefore, when selecting private security services in Houston or a nearby area, always ask the agency to provide documentation they have the necessary licensing and certifications established through the Texas Department of Public Safety. By doing so, you will be able to avoid any unnecessary legal problems along the way.

Strict Hiring Requirements

On any security assignment, it is imperative to have only the best qualified officers on duty at all times. Unfortunately, many security agencies have hiring requirements for officers that are less than strict, resulting in poor service to clients. Thus, always make sure any agency you are considering uses such methods as aptitude tests, background checks, and drug tests to ensure only the most qualified applicants are selected.

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