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In today’s world, the job of a security officer can vary greatly. While some assignments may involve providing unarmed security to a small local festival, other assignments may have an officer being relied on to provide security to a VIP, where they may be called upon to fire a gun or use anti-terrorism and defensive tactics. Whatever the case may be, those who find themselves in need of security officers must realize that different assignments require different sets of skills from officers. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a private security officer or are in need of private security services in Houston, here are some details concerning the job.

Aptitude and Experience

While many people can succeed as a local security officer, others may not have the aptitude or experience needed to keep people and property safe. Unfortunately, there are times when this is not discovered until a situation warrants action, and the officer fails to perform as needed. To ensure this does not happen, any officer on an assignment must show not only an aptitude for the job, but also have prior experience if possible. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, no officer is ever hired until they have passed numerous aptitude tests, as well as multi-level drug testing and extensive background checks. And along with these requirements, many Ranger officers also possess related security experience, such as in law enforcement or military service. By hiring officers who have demonstrated the emotional stability and sound judgement to perform as needed on the job, clients can know the officers provided by Ranger Guard and Investigations are capable of handling multiple situations.

Specialized Training

Depending upon the type of assignment an officer will be given, they may be required to complete various types of specialized training. For example, if they will be providing event security for a concert, sporting event, or large festival, they will be given training in crowd control, bag searches, surveillance, first aid/CPR, and perhaps even K-9 patrolling and security. Or if they will be dealing with VIP security, they will likely have many skills associated with a tactical security officer, such as firearms training, anti-terrorism training, defensive tactics, and other related skills. No matter the assignment, Ranger Guard and Investigations realizes an officer must be prepared to handle whatever comes their way while on the job.

Professional Appearance

Whether you are a part time security officer or have risen through the ranks to become a regional security officer supervisor, it’s always crucial to maintain a professional appearance on the job. By doing so, it not only presents a good representation of Ranger Guard and Investigations, but also the client for whom they are working. Therefore, all officers should follow strict appearance guidelines, such as wearing police-style uniforms that are always clean and pressed, black shoes that are always polished, and having neat haircuts as well as a professional level of personal hygiene. While a professional appearance alone cannot command respect from others, it sets the stage for doing so, and thus makes the job of a security officer much easier.

Integrity and Honesty

Along with needing the specific security skills for an assignment, today’s security officers also need to have high levels of integrity and honesty. Since an officer will be dealing with many different people and situations during a shift, having a reputation for integrity and honesty can often help alleviate a potentially difficult situation. For example, the longer an officer is on an assignment, the more employees, residents, and others will get to know them and their job performance. Thus, when a problem ensues, the officer who is known for integrity and honesty may have an easier time deescalating a situation, or obtaining information from others that will be needed by law enforcement personnel.

Certified and Licensed

For a security officer to be taken seriously in this profession, they must always be properly licensed and certified in private security. Because of this, all officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations must complete classroom training in various aspects of security, and pass all required tests prior to gaining their state certification and licensing. By meeting these requirements, clients will know the officers in charge of their safety have met all necessary requirements expected of a security professional.

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