Personnel Security in Texas


As today’s world becomes more dangerous in many ways, it has become important for businesses and facilities to use private security officers. From managing who comes and goes within an office building, patrolling an apartment complex to guard against vandalism or other crimes, or assisting first responders in the event an active shooter or other emergency situation unfolds, private security personnel can ultimately help in saving numerous lives. Because of the growing importance they play in many areas, companies and organizations must make every effort to select a security firm that can provide highly-trained personnel who are experienced, knowledgeable, and use sound judgement when faced with stressful situations. For many companies and organizations in Houston and the surrounding area, this means calling on Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Expert Training

In order to do the best possible job on their assignments, Ranger Guard and Investigations places an emphasis on state-of-the-art training for all officers. When it comes to security personnel duties and responsibilities, expert training is a must. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in a variety of today’s most crucial areas of security, including Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Patrol and Surveillance Procedures, and many other related areas. And to further compliment this training, officers who will be assigned to special events, VIP security, and other unique situations can also be trained in Crowd Control, Bag Searches, K-9 Security, and Firearms.

Various Responsibilities

With private security officers being used by more and more facilities and organizations, they are now asked to handle many more responsibilities than in years past. This has become abundantly clear in assignments involving workplace security, since these places are now viewed by many security experts as soft targets for active shooters and others who may want to inflict harm. Due to the higher levels of danger associated with these assignments, Ranger security personnel responsibilities now go far beyond standard areas such as access control, parking lot patrols, and standard video surveillance of buildings. While these duties are still extremely important in an overall security plan, Ranger officers also have increased responsibilities regarding command center operations in the event of an emergency, assisting with first aid until medical personnel arrive, and other areas that can ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

High Professional Standards

As clients demand more from security personnel meaning in terms of skills and abilities, previous experience in security or related fields plays a more prominent role in who Ranger Guard and Investigations hires for these positions. Due to the changing nature of private security in today’s world, Ranger Guard and Investigations hires many men and women who possess years of prior experience in law enforcement, military combat operations, government intelligence, or other areas where similar skill sets are required. By having men and women in these positions who have already demonstrated an ability to deal with various types of people and situations in a professional manner, Ranger clients can rest easy, knowing the security officers on duty are capable of dealing with any situation that may arrive.

Patrols and Surveillance

In almost all assignments, Ranger private security guards are expected to perform various levels of patrols and surveillance. In some assignments, this may involve mostly foot and vehicle patrols of apartment complexes, industrial facilities, hospitals, and other facilities. However, in office buildings, large retail stores, schools, and other buildings, officers may spend much of their time in a central command center, where they conduct high-tech video surveillance of multiple areas simultaneously. No matter the type of assignment and levels of patrol and surveillance that are needed, all officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations will be fully-trained to do so in a reliable and trustworthy manner day and night.

State and Federal Compliance

To make sure all officers are in full compliance with state and federal regulations, Ranger Guard and Investigations works closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to have all officers licensed and certified before starting any assignment. This is vital to any company or organization, since liability issues could result in situations involving non-certified officers. Whether providing crowd control and security at a concert or sporting event, or instead offering one-on-one VIP security to a business executive or celebrity, Ranger officers will always be in full compliance with security industry standards.

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