Checkpoint Security In Texas


Whether it is in a busy airport, at an office building, or a local school or university, checkpoints are becoming a more common sight in today’s world. A line of defense to ensure unauthorized persons do not enter an area or that weapons or other items get into an area unchecked, a checkpoint must have personnel who are well-trained in numerous aspects of security. Thus, as more and more facilities find themselves in need of checkpoint security, they are turning to Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance.

Specialized Training

Since checkpoints are crucial to maintaining safety in today’s world, it is vital officers assigned to these areas have specialized training in a variety of areas pertaining to private security. At Ranger Guard and Investigations we realize this, which is why our officers receive the latest training in such areas as bag searches, K-9 patrols and searches, surveillance techniques, anti-terrorism training, and criminal law. Since only one mistake at a checkpoint can have devastating consequences, we make sure all officers assigned to checkpoint security systems are able to handle any situation they may encounter.

State-of-the-Art Technology

When it comes to a security guard checkpoint system, it is important to rely on state-of-the-art technology in such areas as surveillance, bomb and weapons detection, and other areas. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations continually invests in and trains our officers on the latest technology used in checkpoint security management. By using such aspects of technology as facial recognition software, extensive security databases, and scanners that can detect unauthorized or dangerous items within luggage, boxes, or other containers, it is possible to make a checkpoint extremely effective and safe for everyone.

Armed Security Guards

Since various types of dangerous situations can develop at a checkpoint, it is often recommended they have armed security guards assigned to them at all times. However, while being fully-trained and licensed in the use of various types of weapons, Ranger guards only use these as a last resort. Instead, they are also trained in many aspects of what is known as “enforcement through reinforcement.” In many dangerous situations, it is often possible for officers to deescalate a situation before it spins out of control. Using various verbal communication techniques, officers can either bring a situation to a peaceful conclusion on their own, or in other instances delay a situation while other law enforcement personnel arrive at the scene and people who may be nearby are evacuated. Whatever the case may be, having armed security guards at a checkpoint adds an extra level of security that brings peace of mind to everyone.

Experience and Knowledge

With our many years of experience in the private security industry, Ranger Guard and Investigations can be counted upon to bring the utmost professionalism and knowledge to any security situation. For example, when hiring officers for our firm, we make every attempt to hire those who have previous experience in law enforcement or military service. In fact, the vast majority of our officers come to us with years of experience as patrol officers, detectives, or with military experience in combat operations, special operations, or other related areas. By possessing years of experience in these areas, we can show our clients that the officers assigned to them have already proven themselves to be security professionals who are capable of dealing with numerous situations, including dangerous ones, in a manner that exhibits professionalism, knowledge, and sound judgement at all times.

Communication Skills

When working a checkpoint, many different skills are used by security officers. Along with the specialized security skills they possess, they also rely on their excellent communication skills to handle many situations. Since they will likely encounter people from many different backgrounds at a checkpoint, it is crucial they understand this and be able to adapt to changing conditions along the way. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we make sure all officers assigned to checkpoint security have excellent written and verbal communication skills. In doing so, they are able to communicate with others in a clear, easy to understand manner, thus decreasing the chances a misunderstanding regarding an issue could lead to escalation into a dangerous situation.

Since checkpoints play such a pivotal role in maintaining safety, do not choose to use inexperienced security personnel in these situations. Instead, rely on the experienced and knowledgeable checkpoint security advisors at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more about our services in this area of security, call us at 832-924-8311 or visit us online at