Ranger Guard: A New Orleans Security Service (Louisiana)


A New Orleans Security Service (Louisiana)

Ranger Guard offers security guards who are licensed, insured, and certified in New Orleans. Our security professionals undergo rigorous screening and training to meet Louisiana’s state regulations for security guards.

Who We Hire as Ranger Guard Security Officers

Ranger Guard surpasses most other security companies in New Orleans when it comes to selecting the best candidates. Our recruitment process is focused on military and law enforcement veterans who have experience on the front line. These individuals possess the necessary instincts and training to handle security situations effectively, making them ideal for protecting our clients. We understand the importance of candidate quality in providing exceptional service, which is why we go beyond the state requirements for pre-employment background investigations. After passing our criminal and other background checks, applicants are subjected to various aptitude tests to determine their suitability for the high-pressure role of a front line security guard, as well as a drug screening.


How Much Does a Security Guard Cost in Louisiana