Garland Texas is an excellent city to visit, especially for anyone who enjoys history and anything historical. This is especially true since many events and attractions in this city can be found throughout the history of this nation. There are four world-famous museums that are all located in this city: The Field Museum of Natural History, The Garland Museum of Art, The Hobby Lobby Building, and The Dallas Museum of Art. The fourth museum in this area is The Aquarium of Garland. More about Dallas, TX can be seen here.


The Garland Museum of Art is one of the world’s largest museums, housing some of the most incredible collections of art and other objects from throughout the centuries. There are two main attractions inside of this museum; The Art Lab and the Medieval Times exhibit. The Art Lab features over one hundred pieces of art from throughout the world including Texas and Europe. The Medieval Times display allows visitors to get a feel for life during this era through replicas of castles and other buildings from this time period. Both of these attractions are housed within the Museum itself; a nine hundred and fifty thousand square foot building that houses the museum itself along with multiple classrooms, lecture rooms, recording studios, and offices for administration. Click here to read about the Visitor Guide on Farmers Branch, Texas.

Garland Texas is just a short drive away from Fort Worth. It is also just a short drive away from San Antonio and Austin, two very popular cities. You will find a number of great restaurants, shopping malls, and other attractions located in this city. You will also be just a short driving distance from Dallas, which is the fourth largest city in Texas. Anyone who enjoys visiting new locations will enjoy spending time in this city, as it provides a beautiful place to see while also providing plenty of activities and sightseeing opportunities.