Fort Bend is the wealthiest county in the state of Texas. Richmond city is the county seat while Sugar Land is the largest city in this county. Fort Bend TX was founded in 1837 and organized in 1838. The 2018 Census Bureau estimates the population of Fort Bend County to be more than 787,858 people. More facts can be seen here. As you can imagine, there are many fun cities in this county and they include:


Stafford has many beautiful municipal parks covering over 35 acres including Stafford City Park. You can have lots of fun in all these parks. And you can’t miss out on the Stafford Centre Performing Arts Theatre and Convention Centre. These are the places to visit when you are in Stafford in Fort Bend TX. 

Missouri City

There are many fun attractions in Missouri City in Fort Bend County, Texas. You can visit Fort Bend County Library – Sienna Branch to have a good read or just to relax. You can also go riding at the Sienna Stables. The “Show Me City” has many public parks where you can enjoy the outdoors. 


As mentioned above, Richmond is the seat of Fort Bend County. The city has many fun attractions but if you really want to have fun, head downtown. There you will have more fun than you can imagine. You will enjoy shopping, dining and wining, and touring the city. You can also Discover more about East Houston TX here.