Corpus Christi, Texas, is a strategic location for oil and gas exploration and production. The coastal plain’s diverse geology and fauna provide fatty deposits of natural gas, petroleum, and mineral wealth. As Texas energy production rises, armed security companies will likely need to expand their Texas capabilities, which will only strengthen their position and add depth to their expertise. Discover more about Corpus Christi, TX here.


Corpus Christi, Texas, is home to several major corporations with extensive operations within the region. In addition to boasting one of the largest underground mines globally, Shell is exploring the Gulf of Mexico to open up another seaport to service North America’s energy needs. Also situated nearby, Shell explores ways to extract petroleum from the dunes located in Dune, located approximately in the central Texas Plain. Landowners in the Corpus Christi area have expressed concerns that the city will lose its foothold in the energy industry should drilling in the area become unsuccessful. Discover facts about What You Should Look for in Armed Security Companies in Corpus Christi, TX.

Regardless of whether oil and gas exploration inspires new business opportunities or not, armed security companies adapt to the changing face of the threat from more uncertain and potentially hostile elements. In Corpus Christi, armed security companies have taken on additional responsibilities such as securing city streets during significant events, such as the NFL Super Bowl. While the city may lose its foothold on the energy scene, it has yet to lose its grip on the tourism industry. Last year, the city experienced a record number of tourists, bringing in an estimated investment of more than $6 million into the city’s coffers. With so much at stake, armed security companies remain committed to providing the best possible service to city residents and stay vigilant in the face of the ever-changing threats to their client’s assets.