Private Security – Dallas


When clients are seeking the services of private security companies in Dallas Texas they often have varying needs. While an industrial complex may require armed security guards who can patrol a large area and make sure only authorized individuals come and go, a retail store may need security personnel who can conduct loss prevention surveillance to spot and apprehend shoplifters. Whatever the case may be, it is important the private security company chosen by a client offer not only the services needed, but also have personnel with years of experience and knowledge to handle many types of situations. If you are in need of private security services, here are some of the most common types of services offered by these companies.

Special Events Security

Whether it is a large rock concert, football game, or perhaps a festival that will draw thousands of attendees, special events security like a wedding event is a crucial element needed to keep everyone safe while they are having fun. When working with a private security company in Dallas that offers this specialized security service, clients will have officers on duty who are trained to perform highly-specialized services. Some of the most common include crowd control, bag searches, K-9 security, first aid/CPR, and emergency communications.

Mobile Patrol Services

From apartment complexes and gated communities to industrial facilities and office buildings, mobile patrol services are becoming increasingly important in helping to deter crime and other illegal activity. In many cases, this type of security service is used in situations where vandalism, employee theft, loitering, or other problems have become very common and led to damage, stealing, or other issues. By using mobile patrol services, a facility or complex can have officers patrolling areas using random routes and times, making it impossible for potential criminals or others to determine when or where officers may be on patrol.

Unarmed Officers

In many situations where the simple presence of security officers may be sufficient, such as a festival or other type of family-friendly gathering, unarmed officers are often used to keep everyone safe. Though unarmed, these officers still possess years of experience in law enforcement or military service, allowing them to spot many potential problems before they turn serious. However, should the need arise, these officers are trained in anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, patrolling and surveillance, and much more, allowing them to handle many situations until police and rescue personnel arrive at the scene.

Investigative Services

When in need of private security Dallas TX residents often fail to realize that these companies also offer private investigative services as well. Whether it is an individual wanting to know if a spouse is having an extramarital affair or a company suspicious of employees who may be stealing merchandise or revealing company secrets to a competitor, these and other matters can be resolved using private security investigative services. While trained in many aspects of private security, these investigators are also licensed by the state of Texas, possess permits to carry a firearm, and are able to use the latest audio and video surveillance technology to solve the most complex of cases.

VIP Protection

When a pro athlete, politician, prominent business leader, or even an actor or rock star comes to town, they are always in need of as much security as possible. As we have seen over the years, it takes only one deranged fan or other individual to create a tragic situation. Rather than take this chance, many representatives of these individuals look to private security companies that can offer VIP protection. In these situations, security personnel conduct their assignments in plainclothes, and are responsible for all aspects of the client’s safety. Because of the unique nature of these assignments and the potential danger associated with them, only the most experienced officers are given these assignments.

Loss Prevention

When a company experiences theft of merchandise, everyone including customers pay the price. To keep this from happening, many companies utilize private security officers to not only deter theft, but also catch those guilty of this crime. Whether it is uniformed officers or undercover officers, companies investing in this service often report excellent results, with thefts often decreasing by as much as 50 percent over the first few months.

When in need of private security Dallas residents know they need to work with a company that has an excellent reputation for getting results. In many cases, this means turning to Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more about Ranger, visit or call 972-833-0856.